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BP: Fachverband Biologische Physik

BP 10: Postersession II

Montag, 12. März 2018, 17:30–19:30, Poster C

Topics: Cytoskeletal Filaments (10.1–10.8), Cell Mechanics (10.9–10.33), Cell Adhesion and Migration, Multicellular Systems (10.34–10.58), Neurosciences (10.59–10.61).

17:30 BP 10.1 Mechanical Properties of Intermediate FilamentsJohanna Block, Hannes Witt, Julia Kraxner, Charlotta Lorenz, •Anna Schepers, Andreas Janshoff, and Sarah Köster
17:30 BP 10.2 Comparison of the cytoskeleton of squamous cells using fluorescence microscopy — •Mona Plettenberg, Maja Strugacevac, Constanze Wiek, Julia Kristin, Marcel Glaas, Jörg Schipper, and Mathias Getzlaff
17:30 BP 10.3 FRAP traces of immobile self-assembled complexes from Monte-Carlo simulations — •Justin Grewe and Ulrich S. Schwarz
17:30 BP 10.4 DNA based molecular force sensors in reconstituted actin networks — •Christina Jayachandran, Max Wardetzky, Florian Rehfeldt, and Christoph F. Schmidt
17:30 BP 10.5 Stretching Adherent Cells with Light — •Tobias Neckernuss, Daniel Geiger, Jonas Pfeil, Irina Schrezenmeier, and Othmar Marti
17:30 BP 10.6 Dynamic Actin Structures in Frog Egg Extract — •Jianguo Zhao and Christoph F. Schmidt
17:30 BP 10.7 Failure of biological networks with dynamic cross-links — •Mareike Berger, David Brückner, and Chase Broedersz
17:30 BP 10.8 Tug of War and Coordination in Bidirectional Transport by Molecular Motors — •Omar Munoz and Stefan Klumpp
17:30 BP 10.9 Is the size of a cell nucleus an indicator for cancer? — •Lisa Rohde, Maja Strugacevac, Nina Bartels, Constanze Wiek, Julia Kristin, Marcel Glaas, Jörg Schipper, and Mathias Getzlaff
17:30 BP 10.10 Stress fiber network organization during cell spreading on micropatterned substrates — •Dimitri Probst, Julia Jäger, Elena Kassianidou, Anne-Lou Roguet, Sanjay Kumar, and Ulrich S. Schwarz
17:30 BP 10.11 Cytoskeletal morphology of oral keratinocytes and oral carcinoma cells — •Nina Bartels, Maja Strugacevac, Niklas Ullrich, Julia Kristin, Constanze Wiek, Jörg Schipper, and Mathias Getzlaff
17:30 BP 10.12 Characterization of a piezoelectric actuator for output power and thermal behaviour — •Tobias Löffler, Stefan Krüger, Maja Strugacevac, Julia Kristin, Constanze Wiek, Marcel Glaas, Jörg Schipper, and Mathias Getzlaff
17:30 BP 10.13 Time Resolved Measurements of Force Evolution in Platelets Under Flow Condition — •Jana Hanke, Anna Zelena, and Sarah Köster
17:30 BP 10.14 How filaments density impacts force generation and protrusion rate of lamellipodium in motile cells — •Setareh Dolati and Martin Falcke
17:30 BP 10.15 Cellular Forces under Altered Gravity Conditions — •Julia Eckert, Stefano Coppola, Thomas Schmidt, Lukas M. Eng, Robert Lindner, and Jack J.W.A. van Loon
17:30 BP 10.16 Design and construction of a magnetic trap for microrheological measurements — •Jonas Pfeil, Irina Schrezenmeier, Tobias Neckernuss, Daniel Geiger, Frederike Erb, Fabian Port, and Othmar Marti
17:30 BP 10.17 The role of endothelial cell mechanics in leukocyte extravasation — •Matthias Brandt, Volker Gerke, and Timo Betz
17:30 BP 10.18 Flow of a cell inside a microfluidic channel using FEM simulation — •Ralf Schuster, Tobias Neckernuss, Daniel Geiger, Ulrich Simon, Kay-Eberhard Gottschalk, and Othmar Marti
17:30 BP 10.19 Intracellular passive and active microrheology in dividing epithelial cells — •Sebastian Hurst and Timo Betz
17:30 BP 10.20 Design and characterization of mechanically tunable hyaluronic acid based hydrogels — •Martin Schilling and Florian Rehfeldt
17:30 BP 10.21 Mechanical and biochemical micromanipulation of individual suspended cells probed with optical tweezers — •Samaneh Rezvani, Todd M. Squires, and Christoph F. Schmidt
17:30 BP 10.22 A 2-D Continuum Model of Cell Migration — •Behnam Amiri and Martin Falcke
17:30 BP 10.23 Near Real Time Analysis of Stress Fiber Formation in Stem Cells — •Lara Hauke, Carina Wollnik, and Florian Rehfeldt
17:30 BP 10.24 Elastic Response of Epithelial Model Tissues in Deformation Experiments — •Simone Gehrer, Sara Kaliman, Damir Vurnek, Maryam Aliee, Shuqing Chen, Andreas Maier, Diana Dudziak, Rudolf Merkel, and Ana-Sunčana Smith
17:30 BP 10.25 Cell-Type Specific Mechano-Sensing Altered by Blebbistatin — •Galina Kudryasheva and Florian Rehfeldt
17:30 BP 10.26 Elastic beads as in vivo tension sensors — •Arne Hofemeier, Bernhard Wallmeyer, and Timo Betz
17:30 BP 10.27 Fluid flow in curvilinear microchannels for stem cell purification- understanding the deformability-induced lift force — •Ewa Guzniczak, Melanie Jimenez, and Helen Bridle
17:30 BP 10.28 Measurements and Simulations with the CellMOUSE device — •Jonas Pfeil, Tobias Neckernuss, Daniel Geiger, Ralf Schuster, and Othmar Marti
17:30 BP 10.29 Cells Modeled as Osmotically Pressurized Elastic Shells — •Behzad Golshaei, Renata Garces, Samaneh Rezvani, and Christoph F Schmidt
17:30 BP 10.30 Mechanical Coupling of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Derived Cardiomyocytes — •Heidi Somsel, Wolfram-Hubertus Zimmermann, and Christoph F. Schmidt
17:30 BP 10.31 Probing C. Elegans Micromechanics in vivo — •Peter Weist, Renata Garces, Eugenia Butkevich, and Christoph F. Schmidt
17:30 BP 10.32 Elasto-Tweezers: A novel platform for high-precision cell elasticity measurements — •Sebastian Knust, Andy Sischka, Hendrik Milting, Bastien Venzac, Séverine Le Gac, Elwin Vrouwe, and Dario Anselmetti
17:30 BP 10.33 Cortical Actin Contractility of Single Suspended Cells — •Enrico Warmt, Steffen Grosser, Erik Morawetz, and Josef Käs
17:30 BP 10.34 Dynamic patterns of the plant growth regulator auxin — •João Ramos and Karen Alim
17:30 BP 10.35 Inferring the rules of single cell behavior from video recordings of collective tumor cell systems — •Claus Metzner, Julian Übelacker, Nico Wunderling, Christoph Mark, Franziska Hoersch, Christina Hillig, and Ben Fabry
17:30 BP 10.36 3D collective migration in cancer spheroids and during invasion — •Swetha Raghuraman and Timo Betz
17:30 BP 10.37 Light-Switchable Adhesion of Soil-Dwelling Microalgae — •Christian Titus Kreis, Christine Linne, Marine Le Blay, Alice Gragnier, Marcin Michal Makowski, Maike Lorenz, and Oliver Bäumchen
17:30 BP 10.38 Dynamics of actin stress fiber patterns in laterally confined cells — •Andreas Müller and Tilo Pompe
17:30 BP 10.39 Bacterial adhesion on nanostructured silicon surfaces — •Friederike Nolle, Johannes Mischo, Christian Spengler, Nicolas Thewes, Markus Bischoff, and Karin Jacobs
17:30 BP 10.40 Phase field modeling of moving cells - shedding light on the motility onsetCody Reeves, Benjamin Winkler, Igor Aranson, and •Falko Ziebert
17:30 BP 10.41 3D-environments shape T-cell motility and cell-cell contacts during HIV-1 infectionAndrea Imle, •Nikolas Schnellbächer, Peter Kumberger, Jana Fehr, Paola Carillo-Bustamante, Frederik Graw, Ulrich Schwarz, and Oliver Fackler
17:30 BP 10.42 Tissue competition: The role of cross adhesion — •Tobias Büscher and Jens Elgeti
17:30 BP 10.43 Role of mechanics in morphogenesis control — •Jason Khadka, Jean-Daniel Julien, and Karen Alim
17:30 BP 10.44 Visualization of intracellular calcium levels in Dictyostelium discoideum with a genetically encoded reporter — •Manuel Frey, Sven Flemming, Serena Cucinotta, and Carsten Beta
17:30 BP 10.45 Evolution of simple multicellular life cycles in a dynamic environment — •Yuriy Pichugin and Hye Jin Park
17:30 BP 10.46 Sorting of malaria-infected red blood cells based on adhesion in shear flow — •Anil Kumar Dasanna and Ulrich Schwarz
17:30 BP 10.47 Amoeboid cells as a candidate for drug delivery — •Valentino Lepro, Oliver Nagel, Setareh Sharifi, and Carsten Beta
17:30 BP 10.48 Morphology to encode information — •Mirna Kramar and Karen Alim
17:30 BP 10.49 Cellular Potts Models for Neural Tissue Simulations — •Jakob Rosenbauer and Alexander Schug
17:30 BP 10.50 Does peristaltic pumping account for mass transport in Physarum polycephalum? — •Felix Bäuerle and Karen Alim
17:30 BP 10.51 Single cell migration and transitions to different substrates on micro patterns — •Christoph Schreiber, Felix J. Segerer, and Joachim O. Rädler
17:30 BP 10.52 Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy on osteoblasts with regard to their adhesion on surfaces — •Christian Völkner, Regina Lange, MohammadReza Bahrami, Martina Grüning, Henrike Rebl, Ingo Barke, Barbara Nebe, and Sylvia Speller
17:30 BP 10.53 Examining Anticipation in Physarum polycephalum — •Nico Schramma, Felix Bäuerle, and Karen Alim
17:30 BP 10.54 Limitations of Murray's law in a dynamic network — •Noah Ziethen, Felix Bäuerle, Nico Schramma, and Karen Alim
17:30 BP 10.55 Organ-on-a-chip meets traction force microscopy: In situ characterization of forces in 3D µ-tissues — •Stefanie Fuchs, Oliver Schneider, Christopher Probst, and Peter Loskill
17:30 BP 10.56 Fluid and Jammed Behaviour in Cell Spheroids — •Steffen Grosser, Linda Oswald, Jürgen Lippoldt, and Josef A. Käs
17:30 BP 10.57 The influence of Rac1 on motility into 3D extracellular matrices andmechanical properties — •Tom Kunschmann, Stefanie Puder, and Claudia Tanja Mierke
17:30 BP 10.58 Parameter-free high-resolution traction force microscopy — •Yunfei Huang, Gerhard Gompper, and Benedikt Sabass
17:30 BP 10.59 Interkinetic nuclear migration as a stochastic process in the zebrafish retinaAfnan Azizi, •Anne Herrmann, Salvador J. R. P. Buse, Yinan Wan, Philipp J. Keller, Raymond E. Goldstein, and William A. Harris
17:30 BP 10.60 Neuronal model for startling coupled with a collective behavior model — •Andrej Warkentin and Pawel Romanczuk
17:30 BP 10.61 Decision-Making across the Lifespan: Neurocognitive Models of Ageing and Dementia — •Gunther Klobe
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