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DS: Fachverband Dünne Schichten

DS 17: Poster Session I

Dienstag, 13. März 2018, 18:15–20:15, Poster B

18:15 DS 17.1 Coherent manipulation of a single electron surfing on a sound waveShintaro Takada, •Hermann Edlbauer, Arne Ludwig, Andreas D. Wieck, Tristan Meunier, and Christopher Bäuerle
18:15 DS 17.2 Silicon Acousto-Electronics: Requirements for Ultrahigh-Frequencies — •Robert Ukropec, Boris Vratzov, Daan Kooij, Paulo V. Santos, and Wilfred G. van der Wiel
18:15 DS 17.3 Coupled surface acoustic waves cavities — •André Luiz O. Bilobran, Mauricio M. de Lima Jr., and Paulo V. Santos
18:15 DS 17.4 Generation of surface acoustic waves on doped semiconductor substrates — •Mingyun Yuan, Colin Hubert, Sander Rauwerdink, Abbes Tahraoui, Bob van Someren, Klaus Biermann, and Paulo Santos
18:15 DS 17.5 Acoustic transport of charge carriers and electron spins in quantum wires — •Paul L. J. Helgers, Klaus Biermann, Haruki Sanada, Yoji Kunihashi, and Paulo V. Santos
18:15 DS 17.6 Solid-state magnetic traps and lattices — •Johannes Knörzer, Martin J. A. Schuetz, Géza Giedke, Hans Huebl, Mathias Weiler, Peter Zoller, Mikhail D. Lukin, and J. Ignacio Cirac
18:15 DS 17.7 Complex-Oxide Acousto-Electronics — •Yigitcan Uzun, Boris Vratzov, Alexander E. M. Smink, and Wilfred G. van der Wiel
18:15 DS 17.8 Quantum optics with electrons using surface acoustic waves — •Hugo V. Lepage, Chris J. B. Ford, and Crispin H. W. Barnes
18:15 DS 17.9 The Giant Atom Regime of Quantum Acoustics — •Gustav Andersson, Baladitya Suri, Lingzhen Guo, Thomas Aref, Göran Johansson, and Per Delsing
18:15 DS 17.10 Acoustically tuned dynamic wavelength division multiplexing — •Dominik D. Bühler, Antonio Crespo-Poveda, Klaus Biermann, Andrés Cantarero, Paulo V. Santos, and Mauricio M. de Lima
18:15 DS 17.11 VO2-SnO2 nanocomposite films for smart windows applicationsAlexandr Belenchuk, Oleg Shapoval, Sergiu Vatavu, Arcadi Chirita, and •Vasily Moshnyaga
18:15 DS 17.12 Depletion layer spectroscopy on (010) and (-201) β-Ga2O3 single crystals — •Holger von Wenckstern, Rainer Pickenhain, and Marius Grundmann
18:15 DS 17.13 Investigations of Ge-doped (Al,Ga)2O3 thin films — •A. Werner, H. von Wenckstern, and M. Grundmann
18:15 DS 17.14 Occurence of the є-phase in (InxGa1−x)2O3 and (GaxAl1−x)2O3 thin films — •A. Werner, H. von Wenckstern, C. Sturm, D. Splith, V. Prozheeva, R. Hoelldobler, and M. Grundmann
18:15 DS 17.15 Optical and Magnetic Properties of Spinel Type Ferrites in Relation to their Crystallographic Order — •Vitaly Zviagin, Paula Huth, Chris Sturm, Daniel Spemann, Stephan Mändl, Jörg Lenzner, Annette Setzer, Jan Meijer, Reinhard Denecke, Pablo Esquinazi, Marius Grundmann, and Rüdiger Schmidt-Grund
18:15 DS 17.16 Characterization of transport properties of thin β-GaO layers — •Johannes Boy, Martin Handwerg, Robin Ahrling, Rüdiger Mitdank, Günter Wagner, Zbigniew Galazka, and Saskia F. Fischer
18:15 DS 17.17 Influence of Ga incorporation into bixbyite In2O3 thin films on the performance of Schottky barrier diodes thereon — •Daniel Splith, Steffen Lanzinger, Sophie Müller, Holger von Wenckstern, and Marius Grundmann
18:15 DS 17.18 A pulsed laser deposition technique to control the composition of ternary thin films in growth direction demonstrated on the (Alx,Ga1−x)2O3 alloy — •Max Kneisz, Holger von Wenckstern, and Marius Grundmann
18:15 DS 17.19 Electrical properties of unipolar devices based on amorphous zinc oxynitride — •Anna Reinhardt, Holger von Wenckstern, and Marius Grundmann
18:15 DS 17.20 Influence of pre-growth conditions on the interface formation in SrTiO3 homoepitaxial thin films grown with pulsed laser deposition (PLD) — •Laura Bogula, Toni Markurt, Martin Albrecht, and Jutta Schwarzkopf
18:15 DS 17.21 Electrical charcterization of thin monocrystalline homoepitaxial β-Ga2O3 films — •Robin Ahrling, Johannes Boy, Martin Handwerg, Rüdiger Mitdank, Zbigniew Galazka, Günter Wagner, and Saskia F. Fischer
18:15 DS 17.22 growth mode evolution during (100)-oriented β-ga2o3 homoepitaxy — •zongzhe cheng, michael hanke, zbigniew galazka, and achim trampert
18:15 DS 17.23 Resistive switching in memristive CBRAM devices — •Sven Dirkmann and Thomas Mussenbrock
18:15 DS 17.24 Devices and Integrated Circuits Based on Amorphous Zinc-Tin-Oxide — •O. Lahr, S. Vogt, Z. Zhang, H. von Wenckstern, and M. Grundmann
18:15 DS 17.25 A Variable Gas Injection System for Rapid Precursor Testing in Focused Electron Beam Induced Deposition — •Robert Winkler, Georg Arnold, Juergen Sattelkow, Andrew Smith, and Harald Plank
18:15 DS 17.26 Investigation and utilization of catalytic processes in FEBIP techniques for nanofabrication — •Elif Bilgilisoy, Christian Preischl, Florian Vollnhals, and Hubertus Marbach
18:15 DS 17.27 Evaluation of critical electron doses for surface activation in electron beam induced surface activation (EBISA) — •Florian Vollnhals, Christian Preischl, Martin Drost, Fan Tu, and Hubertus Marbach
18:15 DS 17.28 Reduction and annihilation of wrinkles in graphene by He+ ion bombardment at elevated temperatures — •Alexander Herman, Philipp Valerius, and Thomas Michely
18:15 DS 17.29 Controllable p-doping of wafer-scale few-layer MoxNb1-xS2 — •Tien Tung Luong, Yen-Teng Ho, Peng Lu, Yung-Ching Chu, Chao An Jong, Edward Yi Chang, and Jason C.S. Woo
18:15 DS 17.30 Utrafast dynamics in MoS2 probed by transient Raman spectroscopy — •Christoph Boguschewski, Jingyi Zhu, and Paul H.M. van Loosdrecht
18:15 DS 17.31 Epitaxially grown h-BN on Ir(111) under He ion irradiation: A route to form one atom thick membranes with an ordered array of nanometer sized holes — •Philipp Valerius, Carsten Speckmann, Alexander Herman, and Thomas Michely
18:15 DS 17.32 Local stacking order in few-layer grapheneFabian Rudolf Geisenhof, •Felix Winterer, and Ralf Thomas Weitz
18:15 DS 17.33 Magnetic-Field-Induced Rotation of Polarized Light Emission from Monolayer WS2 — •Robert Schmidt, Ashish Arora, Gerd Plechinger, Philipp Nagler, Andrés Granados del Águila, Mariana V. Ballottin, Peter C. M. Christianen, Steffen Michaelis de Vasconcellos, Christian Schüller, Tobias Korn, and Rudolf Bratschitsch
18:15 DS 17.34 2-Dimensional Atomic Crystals of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides — •Jakub Schusser, Zakariae El Youbi, Jan Minar, Cephise Cacho, Christine Richter, and Karol Hricovini
18:15 DS 17.35 Spin and Charge Transport in Doped Graphene as a Tailored Carbon Allotrope — •Marie-Luise Braatz, Nils Richter, Alexander Tries, Axel Binder, Hai I. Wang, and Mathias Kläui
  18:15 DS 17.36 The contribution has been withdrawn.
18:15 DS 17.37 Fully relativistic ab initio calculations based on the layer Korringa-Kohn-Rostoker method — •Andreas Held, Voicu Popescu, Jürgen Braun, and Hubert Ebert
18:15 DS 17.38 In-situ TEM investigation of NaCl decomposition encapsulated in graphene liquid cellsFredrik Bräuer, •Tibor Lehnert, and Ute Kaiser
18:15 DS 17.39 Structural ordering of molybdenum disulfide studied via reactive molecular dynamics simulations — •Paolo Nicolini, Rosario Capozza, and Tomas Polcar
18:15 DS 17.40 X-ray absorption spectroscopy studies on transition metal dichalcogenide heterostructures — •Florian Rasch, Sage Bauers, Gavin Mitchson, Kyle Hite, Danielle Hamann, David Johnson, Javier Herrero-Martín, Manuel Valvidares, Bernd Büchner, and Jorge Hamann-Borrero
18:15 DS 17.41 Revisiting graphene oxide chemistry via spatially-resolved electron energy loss spectroscopy — •Alberto Zobelli, Anna Tararan, Ana Benito, Wolfgang Maser, and Odile Stéphan
18:15 DS 17.42 Surface-assisted synthesis of 0-, 1-, and 2-dimensional structures — •Katayoun Gharagozloo-Hubmann, Niclas Sven Mueller, Christian Lotze, Katharina J. Franke, and Stephanie Reich
18:15 DS 17.43 A biosynthetic pathway reconstituted within compartmentalized vesicles — •Akanksha Moga
18:15 DS 17.43a Electronic and vibrational properties of 3D MAX phases and 2D MXenes: from experiments to first-principles modelling — •A. Champagne, L. Shi, T. Ouisse, B. Hackens, F. Bourdarot, P. Bourges, P. Piekarz, D. Pinek, I. Gélard, and J.-C. Charlier
18:15 DS 17.44 Antiferromagnetic interfaces in ferromagnetic perovskite heterostructures — •Vitaly Bruchmann-Bamberg and Vasily Moshnyaga
18:15 DS 17.45 NixO thin films - impact of composition x on optical parameters — •Martin Becker, Fabian Michel, Angelika Polity, and Peter J. Klar
18:15 DS 17.46 Electrical conductivity measurements of ultrathin ferrite films on MgO(001) — •Tobias Pollenske, Jari Rodewald, Tobias Pohlmann, and Joachim Wollschläger
18:15 DS 17.47 Electrical Permittivity Determination of ScAlN Thin Films — •Niclas Feil, Nicolas Kurz, Mohammad Fazel Parsapourkolour, and Oliver Ambacher
18:15 DS 17.48 Quantitative disentanglement of fully controllable coherent and incoherent laser-induced surface deformations by time-resolved x-ray reflectivity — •Marc Herzog, Mathias Sander, Jan-Etienne Pudell, Matias Bargheer, Roman Bauer, Valentin Besse, Vasily Temnov, and Peter Gaal
18:15 DS 17.49 Partial Least Square Regression of AES depth profiles and UV-visible spectroscopy for determining oxide layer thicknesses on technical copper — •Jan Stiedl, Simon Green, Thomas Chassé, and Karsten Rebner
18:15 DS 17.50 Infrared Mueller Ellipsometry of Thin Films — •Andreas Furchner, Cordula Walder, and Karsten Hinrichs
18:15 DS 17.51 Molecular Beam Deposition of thin YbzFeSb3 films on (001) oriented KCl — •Felix Timmermann and Manfred Albrecht
18:15 DS 17.52 Investigation of the Density of States of Phase Change Materials by Tunneling Spectroscopy — •Lisa Metzner, Dominik Gholami Bajestani, Henrik Padberg, Tobias Schäfer, and Matthias Wuttig
18:15 DS 17.53 Structural Characterisation of Crystalline Lead-Antimony-Telluride Alloys — •Alexander Rochotzki, Johannes Reindl, and Matthias Wuttig
18:15 DS 17.54 Two-dimensional growth of three-dimensionally bonded GeTe — •Isom Hilmi, Andriy Lotnyk, Jürgen Gerlach, Philipp Schumacher, and Bernd Rauschenbach
18:15 DS 17.55 Structural changes in epitaxial Ge2Sb2Te5 thin films with highly ordered vacancy layers upon ns-laser irradiation — •Mario Behrens, Andriy Lotnyk, Jan Griebel, Jürgen Gerlach, and Bernd Rauschenbach
18:15 DS 17.56 Thermoelectric performance of multilayers of Sb2Te3 thin films and Pt nanoparticles — •Darius Pohl, Heiko Reith, Frank Schmidt, Gabi Schierning, Kornelius Nilesch, and Bernd Rellinghaus
18:15 DS 17.57 Highly conductive thin-films based on solution-processed silver nanoparticles for spray-on antennas — •Marco Bobinger, Michael Haider, Andreas Albrecht, Yash Goliya, Johannes Russer, Markus Becherer, and Paolo Lugli
18:15 DS 17.58 Memsensors: emerging properties for neuromorphic engineering — •Alexander Vahl, Jürgen Carstensen, Sören Kaps, Thomas Strunskus, Oleg Lupan, Rainer Adelung, and Franz Faupel
18:15 DS 17.59 Resistive Switching Behavior of Polycrystalline PCMO Thin Films with AlOx Tunnel Oxide — •Alexander Gutsche, Christoph Bäumer, Rainer Waser, and Regina Dittmann
18:15 DS 17.60 Flexible Co-based Heusler alloy/muscovite heteroepitaxy — •Yi-Cheng Chen, Min Yen, Anastasios Markou, Benedikt Ernst, Claudia Felser, and Ying-Hao Chu
18:15 DS 17.61 Large-scale spray deposition of carbon nanotube-based thin-film devices — •Florin-Cristian Loghin, Aniello Falco, Marco Bobinger, Alaa Abdellah, Markus Becherer, Paolo Lugli, and Almudena Rivadeneyra
18:15 DS 17.62 Pulsed Laser Deposition of PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3 thin films on stainless steel — •Juliette Cardoletti, Aldin Radetinac, Philipp Komissinskiy, and Lambert Alff
18:15 DS 17.63 Distinct Emission Characteristics of Nano-Sized Metal-Organic Hybrid Structures — •Maximilian Rödel, Verena Kolb, and Jens Pflaum
18:15 DS 17.64 Interactions at the interface of TMPcs and graphene covered metal surfaces: Influence of fluorination and intercalation — •David Balle, Peter Grüninger, Reimer Karstens, Hilmar Adler, Thomas Chassé, and Heiko Peisert
18:15 DS 17.65 Kelvin-Probe Force Microscopy and Conductive-AFM Studies of the Contact Formation with 1-(Pyridin-2-yl)-3-(quinolin-2-yl)imidazo[1,5-a]quinoline in Layered Structures — •Clemens Geis, Eric Yanchenko, Georg Albrecht, Jasmin Martha Herr, and Derck Schlettwein
18:15 DS 17.66 Initial Growth of DNTT Thin Films on Ag(111) — •Daniel Bischof, Maximilian Dreher, Andrea Huttner, Felix Widdascheck, Tobias Breuer, and Gregor Witte
18:15 DS 17.67 Gas adsorption on self-assembled monolayers — •Christian Albers, Susanne Dogan, Michael Paulus, and Metin Tolan
18:15 DS 17.68 Infrared Spectroscopic Study on Phosphonic Acid Modification of Nickel Oxide — •Valentina Rohnacher, Sabina Hillebrandt, Florian Ullrich, Sebastian Hietzschold, Sebastian Beck, and Annemarie Pucci
18:15 DS 17.69 Growth Kinetics-Controlled Morphology of DNTT Thin Films on KCl (001) — •Darius Günder, Andrea Huttner, Tobias Breuer, and Gregor Witte
18:15 DS 17.70 FePc and FePcF16 on Rutile: Influence of the defects and the crystal orientation on the interaction — •Reimer Karstens, David Balle, Axel Belser, Thomas Chassé, and Heiko Peisert
18:15 DS 17.71 Hexacene - Thin film studies on Au(110) with x-ray spectroscopies — •Peter Grüninger, David Balle, Reimer Karstens, Heiko Peisert und Holger F. Bettinger
18:15 DS 17.72 Controlling the work function of metals by means of phthalocyanine thin films — •Felix Widdascheck, Alrun Hauke, and Gregor Witte
18:15 DS 17.73 Planar and porous polypyrrole/silicon hybrid material systems — •Pirmin Lakner, Manuel Brinker, Andreas Stierle, Patrick Huber, and Thomas Keller
18:15 DS 17.74 Materials Science of ALD Fresnel Zone Plates — •Umut T. Sanli, Chengge Jiao, Margarita Baluktsian, Kersten Hahn, Yi Wang, Vesna Srot, Gunther Richter, Iuliia Bykova, Markus Weigand, Gisela Schütz, and Kahraman Keskinbora
18:15 DS 17.75 Investigation of the influence of molecular and atomic nitrogen ion species during thin film growth — •Michael Mensing, Philipp Schumacher, Jürgen W. Gerlach, and Bernd Rauschenbach
18:15 DS 17.76 Deposit Transition Metal or Metal Oxides Thin film on Silicon Wafer by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) for High Efficient Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting — •Haojie Zhang, Alexander Sprafke, Stefan L. Schweizer, Wouterg A. Maijenburg, and Ralf Wehrspohn
18:15 DS 17.77 Electrochemical Deposition of Compact or Porous ZnO Thin Films on Metallic or Non-Metallic 3D-Microstructures — •Dominik Damtew, Martina Stumpp, and Derck Schlettwein
18:15 DS 17.78 Chemical Solution Deposition of Poly(methyl methacrylate) thin films via dielectric barrier discharge — •Fan Guo, Lisa Wurlitzer, Wolfgang Maus-Friedrichs, and Sebastian Dahle
18:15 DS 17.79 Plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition of Cobalt — •Mihir Dass, Sara Azimi, Haojie Zhang, Bodo Fuhrmann, and Stuart Parkin
18:15 DS 17.80 Zone-Casting as a fully scalable deposition technique for high quality perovskite films — •Daniel Heimfarth, Simon Ternes, and Yana Vaynzof
18:15 DS 17.81 Optical ellipsometry used for real-time monitoring of atomic layer epitaxy — •Fryderyk Lyzwa, Premysl Marsik, Vladimir Roddatis, Christian Bernhard, Markus Jungbauer, and Vasily Moshnyaga
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