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DY: Dynamik und Statistische Physik

DY 46: Poster

Donnerstag, 27. März 2003, 15:30–18:00, P1

15:30 DY 46.1 State transformations on a heterogeneous quantum network by global control — •Friedemann Tonner and Günter Mahler
15:30 DY 46.2 Equilibrium and non-equilibrium aspects of spin networks — •Mathias Michel and Günter Mahler
15:30 DY 46.3 Generating functional approach in the path integral formulation of electron transfer — •Alexey Novikov, Ulrich Kleinekathöfer, and Michael Schreiber
15:30 DY 46.4 Quasielastische Neutronenstreuung an wasserhaltigen Alumo-Silikat-Gläsern — •Sylvio Indris, Paul Heitjans, Harald Behrens und Reiner Zorn
15:30 DY 46.5 Approximating the stationary probability density from on-line presented data — •Michael Schindler
15:30 DY 46.6 Repulsive feedback mechanisms in neural cryptography — •Andreas Ruttor and Wolfgang Kinzel
15:30 DY 46.7 Depletion forces in purely entropic systems — •Laurent Helden, Valetin Blickle, Paul Leiderer, and Clemens Bechinger
15:30 DY 46.8 Elektronentransfer bei starker Dämpfung — •Hartwig Lehle und Joachim Ankerhold
15:30 DY 46.9 Quantum Corrections in the Smoluchowski Equation — •Lukasz Machura, Jerzy Łuczka, Peter Hänggi, and Peter Talkner
15:30 DY 46.10 Stochastic Resonance in a Colloidal System — •Dusan Babic, Carmen Schmitt, and Clemens Bechinger
15:30 DY 46.11 Commensurate-incommensurate phase transitions of colloidal monolayers in periodic pinning arrays — •Konrad Mangold, Juliane Birk, Paul Leiderer, and Clemens Bechinger
15:30 DY 46.12 Transport of colloidal particles in strong light fields — •Christoph Lutz, Markus Kollmann, and Clemens Bechinger
15:30 DY 46.13 Hydrodynamic coupling of two rotating spheres — •Michael Reichert and Holger Stark
15:30 DY 46.14 Direct evidence for three-body interactions in colloidal suspensions — •Matthias Brunner, Jure Dobnikar, Hans Henning von Grünberg, and Clemens Bechinger
15:30 DY 46.15 Persistent random walk in a honeycomb structure: Light transport in foams — •Holger Stark and Mir Faez Miri
15:30 DY 46.16 Noise-Free Stochastic Multiresonance in Electronic Circuits — •Thomas Stemler, Hartmut Benner, Andrzej Krawiecki, Krzysztof Kacperski, and Janusz Holyst
15:30 DY 46.17 Stochastic differential equations for deterministic chaotic dynamical systems — •Anja Riegert, Katrin Gelfert, Holger Kantz, and Wolfram Just
15:30 DY 46.18 Dynamical Features of Atmospheric Wind Gusts — •Frank Böttcher and Joachim Peinke
15:30 DY 46.19 Transitions from deterministic to stochastic diffusion — •Rainer Klages
15:30 DY 46.20 Fractality of deterministic diffusion in nonhyperbolic maps — •Nickolay Korabel and Rainer Klages
15:30 DY 46.21 Wave scattering by discrete breathers — •Andrey Miroshnichenko and Sergej Flach
15:30 DY 46.22 Das Erdbebenmodell von Olami, Feder und Christensen in einer Dimension — •Felix Wissel und Barbara Drossel
15:30 DY 46.23 Dynamik und Wechselwirkung dissipativer Solitonen in drei-komponentigen Reaktions-Diffusions-Systemen — •S. V. Gurevich, A. W. Liehr, M. C. Röttger, A. S. Moskalenko und H.-G. Purwins
15:30 DY 46.24 Methoden zur Analyse rauschgestörter Dynamik und Wechselwirkung dissipativer Solitonen — •Hendrik U. Bödeker, Michael C. Röttger, Andreas W. Liehr, Till D. Frank, Rudolf Friedrich und Hans-Georg Purwins
15:30 DY 46.25 Experimenteller Nachweis der Drift-Bifurkation und der oszillierenden Ausläufer sowie Messung von Wechselwirkungsgesetzen dissipativer Solitonen in einer Gleichspannungs-Gasentladung — •Hendrik U. Bödeker, Michael C. Röttger, Andreas W. Liehr, Till D. Frank, Rudolf Friedrich und Hans-Georg Purwins
15:30 DY 46.26 Optical filtering through multiple beam interference in fibers — •Martina Hentschel and Matthias Vojta
15:30 DY 46.27 Non-Markovian dynamics of macroscopic flux-state in SQUIDs — •Wolfgang Pfersich
15:30 DY 46.28 Giant improvement of time-delayed feedback control by periodic modulation — •Svitlana Popovich, Andreas Amann, Nilüfer Baba, Eckehard Schöll, and Wolfram Just
15:30 DY 46.29 Lyapunov instability of the one-dimensional Lennard-Jones system — •Hongliu Yang and Guenter Radons
15:30 DY 46.30 Burst-artige Oszillationen in einem minimalen Enzym-Modellsystem — •Ronny Straube, Marcus J. B. Hauser , Dietrich Flockerzi und Stefan C. Müller
15:30 DY 46.31 Anomalous Transport in Disordered Dynamical Systems — •Günter Radons
15:30 DY 46.32 Coupled Nonlinear Mechanical Systems near Resonance — •Oliver Strebel
15:30 DY 46.33 Measuring physical quantities from chaotic time series — •Tobias Letz and Holger Kantz
15:30 DY 46.34 A tomographic study of desynchronization and complex dynamics due to scroll wave attachment in an excitable chemical reaction — •Ulrich Storb und Stefan C. Müller
15:30 DY 46.35 Correlation functions of scattering matrix elements in microwave cavities with strong absorption — •R. Schäfer, T. Gorin, T. H. Seligman, and H.-J. Stöckmann
15:30 DY 46.36 Semiclassical Theory of Chaotic Quantum Transport — •Andreas Laßl, Marko Turek, Martin Sieber, and Klaus Richter
15:30 DY 46.37 Decaying quantum graphs — •Mathias Puhlmann, Tsampikos Kottos, and Holger Schanz
15:30 DY 46.38 Time-reversal vs. Driven-reversal Experiments: A Random Matrix Approach — •M. Hiller, T. Kottos, D. Cohen, and T. Geisel
15:30 DY 46.39 Zeitabhängige Dichtefunktionaltheorie für eindimensionale Gittermodelle — •Stefan Heinrichs, Michael Kessler, Wolfgang Dieterich und Philipp Maass
15:30 DY 46.40 Einfluß von Temperaturgradienten auf biochemische Oszillatoren — •Christian Warnke, Thomas Mair und Stefan C. Müller
15:30 DY 46.41 Reptation dynamics of short entangled polymers - DMRG studies for Rubinstein-Duke models — •Matthias Paeßens and Gunter M. Schütz
15:30 DY 46.42 Solidification of model charged colloidal spheres — •Patrick Wette, Hans Joachim Schöpe, Jianing Liu, and Thomas Palberg
15:30 DY 46.43 Fluctuation Pressure of a Membrane Between Walls Through Six Loops — •Boris Kastening
15:30 DY 46.44 Solvable model for dynamics of randomly branched polymers — •Florian Jasch, Alexander Blumen, and Christian von Ferber
15:30 DY 46.45 Colloidal Crystals in Electric Fields — •Ana Barreira Fontecha, Hans Joachim Schöpe, and Thomas Palberg
15:30 DY 46.46 A tristable reaction-diffusion equation — •Evgueni Zemskov
15:30 DY 46.47 Membrane clusters of ion channels: size effects for stochastic resonance — •Gerhard Schmid, Igor Goychuk, and Peter Hänggi
15:30 DY 46.48 Emergent Network Structure, Dynamics and Evolution of an Artificial Genome — •Thimo Rohlf, Chris Winkler, and Stefan Bornholdt
15:30 DY 46.49 Entropic Forces in Biological Systems — •Heiko Elsinger, Thomas Gisler, Paul Leiderer, Rainer Tharmann, Andreas Bausch, and Clemens Bechinger
15:30 DY 46.50 Protein-aggregation in membranes: The role of the leak conductance — •Stephan C. Kramer and Reiner Kree
15:30 DY 46.51 ECG curve versus heart rate variability analysis applied to normal and heart-failure patients — •R. Bartsch, A. Heinen, St. Heinrichs, Th. Hennig, D. Jäger, and P. Maass
15:30 DY 46.52 On the problem of identifying critical events from physiological time series — •Th. Hennig, R. Bartsch, J.L. Hassler, A. Heinen, St. Heinrichs, D. Jäger, and Ph. Maass
15:30 DY 46.53 Waveletbasierter Biosignal-Analysator für physiologische Zeitreihen — •Stephan Zschiegner, Thomas Penzel, Jan W. Kantelhardt, Armin Bunde und Claus F. Vogelmeier
15:30 DY 46.54 Formation of Lipid Domains in Biological Membranes — •Karin John and Markus Bär
15:30 DY 46.55 Exact Statistical Analysis of Native Ground States of Lattice Proteins — •Reinhard Schiemann, Michael Bachmann, and Wolfhard Janke
15:30 DY 46.56 Latency Variability of Joint-Spike Events in Cortical Synfire Networks — •Michael Buschermöhle, Tom Tetzlaff, Sonja Grün, Markus Diesmann, and Theo Geisel
15:30 DY 46.57 A stochastic Hebb-like learning rule for neural networks — •Frank Emmert-Streib
15:30 DY 46.58 Spontaneous oscillations of auditory hair bundles — •Björn Nadrowski, Pascal Martin, and Frank Jülicher
15:30 DY 46.59 Pattern formation in systems with conservation laws — •Ronny Peter, Markus Hilt, and Walter Zimmermann
15:30 DY 46.60 Spatio-temporal pattern formation in a system of coupled dynamical networks — •Thimo Rohlf and Stefan Bornholdt
15:30 DY 46.61 Self-organization to critical percolation on a random directed network — •Christel Kamp and Stefan Bornholdt
15:30 DY 46.62 Effects of random noise on s simple class of growing network models — •Jong-Won Kim and Holger Kantz
15:30 DY 46.63 Evolving networks with multispecies nodes and spread in the number of initial links — •Jong-Won Kim, Brian Hunt, and Edward Ott
15:30 DY 46.64 Zeitabhaengige Oberflaechenanregungen durch Kopplung an kleinskaligen Konvektionszellen — •Martin Ohlerich und Michael Bestehorn
15:30 DY 46.65 Front and back instability of a liquid film on a slightly inclined plate — •Uwe Thiele and Edgar Knobloch
15:30 DY 46.66 Instabilities of density fingers at a monostable chemical front in a Hele-Shaw cell — •Osamu Inomoto, Andre Schilling, and Stefan Müller
15:30 DY 46.67 Zur Selbstorganisation eines quasi-zweidimensionalen Freistrahls — •Thomas Westermann und Joachim Peinke
15:30 DY 46.68 Hydrodynamics of a nanoscopic liquid film under mechanical load — •Juan G. Diaz and Wolfgang Paul
15:30 DY 46.69 An anisotropic multi-component Widom-Rowlinson-Model — •Markus Walther and Michael Biehl
15:30 DY 46.70 Desorption Induced Roughening in Unstable Epitaxial Growth — •Frank Raischel and Michael Biehl
15:30 DY 46.71 Corner barriers in unstable epitaxial crystal growth — •Sebastian Weber und Michael Biehl
15:30 DY 46.72 Pattern formation upon femtosecond laser ablation of transparent dielectrics — •Ionut Georgescu, Michael Bestehorn, Florenta Costache, and Jürgen Reif
15:30 DY 46.73 Interdiffusionsmodelle für heteroepitaktisches Wachstum — •Rouslan Zinetoulline, Boris Bierwald und Dietrich E. Wolf
15:30 DY 46.74 Interrupted Coarsening in Step Flow Growth — •Gerrit Danker, Olivier Pierre-Louis, Chaouqi Misbah, and Klaus Kassner
15:30 DY 46.75 Morphological Characteristics of Experimentally Grown 3D Xenon Crystals — •Herman Singer and Jörg Bilgram
15:30 DY 46.76 Sierpinski signals: 1/fα from cellular automata — •Jens Christian Claussen, Jan Nagler, and Heinz Georg Schuster
15:30 DY 46.77 Current-Burst Model of Electrochemical Semiconductor Etching: Population Model and Coupled Current Bursts — •Jens Christian Claussen, Jürgen Carstensen, Marc Christophersen, Sergiu Langa, and Helmut Föll
15:30 DY 46.78 Mechanics of wet granular matter — •Dimitrios Geromichalos, Mika Kohonen, Mario Scheel, and Stephan Herminghaus
15:30 DY 46.79 Wet Granular Matter in External Force Field: a Numerical Study — •A. Skudelny, B.M. Schulz, C. Schier, S. Herminghaus, and M. Schulz
15:30 DY 46.80 Zur Rolle der Torsionsmomente an Partikelkontakten in Nano-Pulvern — •Guido Bartels, Tamás Unger, Dirk Kadau und Dietrich E. Wolf
15:30 DY 46.81 Granular transport on vibratory conveyors — •M. Rouijaa, C. A. Krülle, I. Rehberg, R. Grochowski, P. Walzel, H. Elhor, and S. J. Linz
15:30 DY 46.82 Predicting physical properties of disordered media from a single tomographic image — •Klaus Mecke, Christoph Arns, and Mark Knackstedt
15:30 DY 46.83 A study of liquid bridge volumes in wet granular materials. — •Mika Kohonen, Dimitrios Geromichalos, and Stephan Herminghaus
15:30 DY 46.84 Anisotropy in granular media: classical elasticity and directed force chain network — •Matthias Otto, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Philippe Claudin, and Joshua E.S. Socolar
15:30 DY 46.85 Velocity distributions in a vibrated granular gas of inelastic hard disks — •Olaf Herbst, Peter Müller, Matthias Otto und Annette Zippelius
15:30 DY 46.86 Texturentwicklung in Zweiphasenströmungen — •Ulf Garbe, Hans Joachim Bunge und Helmut Klein
15:30 DY 46.87 The magnetic pump — •Robert Krauß, Reinhard Richter, and Ingo Rehberg
15:30 DY 46.88 Raum(zeitliche) Phänomene an einem Stachelkranz — •Peter Rupp, Reinhard Richter und Ingo Rehberg
15:30 DY 46.89 Laser diffraction study of stochastically excited nematic electroconvection — •Thomas John, Ulrich Behn, and Ralf Stannarius
15:30 DY 46.90 Quantum pinning depinning transition in one dimensional systems — •Florian Krajewski and Martin Müser
15:30 DY 46.91 Damping of spin waves and singularity of the longitudinal modes in the dipolar critical regime of the Heisenberg-ferromagnet EuS — •P. Böni, B. Roessli, D. Görlitz, and J. Kötzler
15:30 DY 46.92 Dynamical properties of the Worm Algorithm — •Christine Gabriel and Hans Gerd Everttz
15:30 DY 46.93 Desorptionsverhalten von kondensierten binären Edelgasmischungen — •M. Layer, A. Netsch, M. Heitz und S. Hunklinger
15:30 DY 46.94 Specific-heat and other critical exponents of random-field systems via ground-state calculations — •Alexander K. Hartmann and A. Peter Young
15:30 DY 46.95 Parallel Tempering at Second-Order Phase Transitions — •Andreas Nußbaumer, Elmar Bittner, and Wolfhard Janke
15:30 DY 46.96 Computer simulations of electronic charge transport in nano wires — •Markus Dreher and Peter Nielaba
15:30 DY 46.97 Monte Carlo Simulations of Structural Properties and Phase Transitions in two dimensional hard core fluids — •Kerstin Franzrahe and Peter Nielaba
15:30 DY 46.98 Computer Simulation Results on the Melting Process of Two-Dimensional Classical Clusters in Confined Geometry — •Peter Henseler and Peter Nielaba
15:30 DY 46.99 Phase transitions of classical and quantum hard disks in external periodic potentials: a Path Integral MC Study — •Wolfram Strepp and Peter Nielaba
15:30 DY 46.100 Universelle finite-size-Skalenfunktionen langreichweitiger Spinmodelle an der oberen kritischen Dimension — •Daniel Grüneberg, Alfred Hucht und Klaus D. Usadel
15:30 DY 46.101 Monte Carlo Simulations of the 2D-Ising Model with Brascamp Kunz Boundary Conditions — •Thomas Vogel, Axel Krinner, and Wolfhard Janke
15:30 DY 46.102 Star-graph expansions for bond-diluted Potts models — •Meik Hellmund and Wolfhard Janke
15:30 DY 46.103 q-state Potts models on quenched random planar φ3 graphs — •Andreas Wernecke and Wolfhard Janke
15:30 DY 46.104 Transferable shell model for lattice vibrations of the polymorphs of TiO2 — •Peter Schilbe
15:30 DY 46.105 Observation of breather-like states and resonances in a single Josephson cell — •F. Pignatelli and A. V. Ustinov
15:30 DY 46.106 Breathers, vortices, and linear waves in Josephson ladders — •M. Schuster, L. A. K. Donev, and A. V. Ustinov
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