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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 35: Poster Session II (Polymeric biomolecular films; Nanostructures; Electronic structure; Spin-orbit interaction; Phase transitions; Surface chemical reactions; Heterogeneous catalysis; Particles and clusters; Surface magnetism; Electron and spin dynamics; Surface dynamics; Methods; Electronic structure theory; Functional molecules)

Dienstag, 27. März 2012, 18:15–21:45, Poster B

18:15 O 35.1 Interfacial behaviour of thin films of ionic liquids on mica — •Alexey Deyko, Florian Rietzler, Hans-Peter Steinrück, and Florian Maier
18:15 O 35.2 Photonic Crystal Fibres Coated with Ionic Liquids in a Surface Science Approach — •Florian Rietzler, Till Cremer, Alexey Deyko, Florian Maier, Mathias Schmidt, Bastian Etzold, Peter Wasserscheid, and Hans-Peter Steinrück
18:15 O 35.3 Silver nanosctructure formation in cinnamyl alcohol — •Sebastian Dahle, Lienhard Wegewitz, and Wolfgang Maus-Friedrichs
18:15 O 35.4 Inelastic tunnelling spectroscopy of protein monolayers — •Robert Lovrincic, Lior Sepunaru, Israel Pecht, and David Cahen
18:15 O 35.5 Covalently bonded mixed chains of Br-NDI and Br-TTP molecules — •Finn Lorbeer, Isabel Fernandez Torrente, Martina Corso, Lena Kaufmann, Max Kerbs, Arno Wiehe, Christoph A. Schalley, Andrew DiLullo, Saw-Wai Hla, José Ignacio Pascual, and Katharina J. Franke
18:15 O 35.6 Formation of Dysprosium clusters on Si(111)7x7 and Si(001)2x1 surfaces — •Martin Franz, Stephan Appelfeller, Michael Theurer, Monir Rychetsky, and Mario Dähne
18:15 O 35.7 Fabrication of nanostructures for detecting single nanoparticles using the meniscus-force-method — •Daniela Schön, Kathrin Kroth, Sabrina Darmawi, and Peter J. Klar
18:15 O 35.8 Combined experimental STM and atomistic KMC modelling study of Ru cluster growth on graphene/Ru(0001) — •Albert K. Engstfeld, Christoph U. Lorenz, Harry E. Hoster, Yong Han, Jim W. Evans, and R. Jürgen Behm
18:15 O 35.9 Self-organized controlled positioning of nanoparticles based on the meniscus-force method — •Kathrin Kroth, Sabrina Darmawi, Torsten Henning, and Peter J. Klar
18:15 O 35.10 Spin polarized surface states on stepped magnetic surfaces : ab-initio approach. — •Oleg Stepanyuk, Oleg Polyakov, and Valeri Stepanyuk
18:15 O 35.11 Characterization of Pt and Au nanoparticles on Fe3O4/Pt(111) thin film — •Alessandro Sala, Francesca Genuzio, Hagen Klemm, Thomas Schmidt, and Hans-Joachim Freund
18:15 O 35.12 Three-dimensional TiO2 nanotube arrays for photo-device application — •Ahmed al-Haddad, Yaoguo Fang, Huaping Zhao, and Yong Lei
18:15 O 35.13 Surface morphology of Silicon nanowires in dependence of different doping concentrations — •Stefan Weidemann, Ulrike Heiden, Jürgen Sölle, and Saskia Fischer
18:15 O 35.14 Manipulating and contacting single InAs Nanowires at GaAs edges — •Kilian Flöhr, Yusuf Günel, Kamil Sladek, Robert Frielinghaus, Hilde Hardtdegen, Carola Meyer, Marcus Liebmann, Thomas Schäpers, and Markus Morgenstern
18:15 O 35.15 p- and n-type Silicon Nanowires from Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching — •U. Heiden, J. Sölle, S. Weidemann, R. Heimburger, T Teubner, T. Boeck, R. Fornari, and S.F. Fischer
18:15 O 35.16 Stability of In/Si(111)-(4x1) nanowires — •Martin Babilon, Stefan Wippermann, Uwe Gerstmann, and Wolf Gero Schmidt
18:15 O 35.17 Tomonaga-Luttinger Liquid Behavior in Au/Ge(001) Nanowires — •Sebastian Mietke, Christian Blumenstein, Jörg Schäfer, Sebastian Meyer, Michael Lochner, René Matzdorf, and Ralph Claessen
18:15 O 35.18 Sensitive gas sensor device obtained from the combination of 3D surface nano-patterns technique with atomic layer depositionZhibing Zhan, Yan Mi, Hui Sun, Fabian Grote, Huaping Zhao, and •Yong Lei
18:15 O 35.19 Confined metallic thin films obtained by epitaxy on Si nanorods — •Lisa Kühnemund, Christoph Tegenkamp, and Herbert Pfnür
18:15 O 35.20 Large area Zirconium carbide surface nanopatterns towards smart sunlight-heat conversionZhenyang Wang, Hui Sun, Yan Mi, Fabian Grote, Huaping Zhao, and •Yong Lei
18:15 O 35.21 Single one-dimensional nanolines and atom chains on the semiconductiong Si(001) surface — •Sigrun A. Köster, François Bianco, James G. H. Owen, David R. Bowler, and Christoph Renner
18:15 O 35.22 Fabrication and the characterization of the electrical, optical and field emission properties of regular ZnO and PbSe nanowires arrays — •Yaoguo Fang, Kin Mun Wong, André Devaux, Liaoyong Wen, Luisa De Cola, and Yong Lei
18:15 O 35.23 Fabrication and Characterization of Self-Assembled and Self-Aligned Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes — •Harald Budde, Nicolai Hartmann, Nina Rauhut, and Achim Hartschuh
18:15 O 35.24 Embedding Nanowires by means of Spin Coating — •Jan Schmidtbauer, Franziska Schuette, Roman Bansen, Thomas Teubner, and Torsten Boeck
18:15 O 35.25 Directional photochemical growth in gold nanoparticle arrays — •Susan Derenko, Andrew Sarangan, and Thomas Härtling
18:15 O 35.26 Coupling of plasmons to molecular excitons — •Hongdan Yan, Peter Lemmens, Johannes Ahrens, Martin Bröring, Sven Burger, Gerhard Lilienkamp, Winfried Daum, Ulrich Krieg, Herbert Pfnür, Fatih Kalkan, Karina Morgenstern, Aidin Lak, and Meinhard Schilling
18:15 O 35.27 Instability types at ion-assisted alloy deposition: from surface to bulk nanopatterningGintas Abrasonis and •Klaus Morawetz
18:15 O 35.28 Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings on Industrial Polyethylene Surfaces — •Magdalena Rohrbeck, Christian B. Fischer, Stefan Wehner, Matthias Richter, and Dieter Schmeißer
18:15 O 35.29 Replication of nanometer size structures by laser embossing in thin metal foils — •Martin Ehrhardt, Pierre Lorenz, and Klaus Zimmer
18:15 O 35.30 Complex quantum well states/resonances in magnetic thin films — •Christoph Seibel, Andreas Nuber, and Friedrich Reinert
18:15 O 35.31 Two-site Kondo effect in atomic chainsNicolas Néel, Richard Berndt, •Jörg Kröger, Tim Wehling, Alexander Lichtenstein, and Mikhail Katsnelson
18:15 O 35.32 X-ray spectroscopic investigation of YVO3 — •Olga Schuckmann, Stefan Bartkowski, Anna Buling, Christine Derks, Karsten Küpper, Stephen Blundell, Ewa Talik, and Manfred Neumann
18:15 O 35.33 Formation of an ideal Schottky barrier by Au/n-type β-Ga2O3 — •Mansour Mohamed, Christoph Janowitz, Klaus Irmscher, and Recardo Manzke
18:15 O 35.34 Spin-orbit splitting in the valence bands of ZrSxSe2−x — •Mohamed Moustafa, Ali Ghafari, Christoph Janowitz, and Recardo Manzke
18:15 O 35.35 Two dimensional Rare-Earth ordered alloys — •Lucia Vitali and Enrique Ortega
18:15 O 35.36 Two-dimensional fitting data analysis in Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy — •Lucas Barreto, Richard Hatch, Marco Bianchi, and Philip Hofmann
18:15 O 35.37 Nitridation of diamond - a possible way to n-type surface-conductivity? — •Nora Jenny Vollmers, Uwe Gerstmann, and Wolf Gero Schmidt
18:15 O 35.38 Electronic spectrum of pure and doped Si(111)-(2x1) surfaces — •M. Pötter, M. Rohlfing, K. Löser, M. Wenderoth, T.K.A. Spaeth, J.K. Garleff, and R.G. Ulbrich
18:15 O 35.39 Photo-induced tunneling current microscope setup for UHV applications — •Uwe Schmitt, Andreas Englisch, and Uwe Hartmann
18:15 O 35.40 Cluster Models for Surface Reactions on Copper Oxide — •Martin Schmeißer, Jörg Schuster, Stefan E. Schulz, Ulrich Biedermann, and Alexander Auer
18:15 O 35.41 Topographic deconvolution of molecular photoemission spectra — •Serguei Soubatch, Peter Puschnig, Eva Reinisch, Thomas Ules, Georg Koller, Markus Ostler, Lorenz Romaner, Claudia Ambrosch-Draxl, Stefan Tautz, and Michael Ramsey
18:15 O 35.42 Spin-resolved photoemission experiments of Rashba-split quantum-well electron states — •Sebastian Jakobs, Andreas Ruffing, Sabine Steil, Indranil Sarkar, Stefan Mathias, Mirko Cinchetti, and Martin Aeschlimann
18:15 O 35.43 Spin Splitting Mechanism in Surface Alloys investigated by Circular Dichroism in the Angular Distribution of Photoelectrons — •Carola Straßer, Isabella Gierz, Hadj-Mohamed Benia, Klaus Kern, and Christian R. Ast
18:15 O 35.44 Angular resolved photoemission study of a two-dimensional electron system induced by Cs adsorption on InSb(110). — •Alexander Georgi, Carola Straßer, Isabella Gierz, Stefan Becker, Marcus Liebmann, Christian Ast, and Markus Morgenstern
18:15 O 35.45 Phase behavior of chain molecules on surface: Monte Carlo simulation — •Pritam Kumar Jana and Andreas Heuer
18:15 O 35.46 Atomistic Simulations of Pressure-Induced Structural Transformations in Ice Nanocrystals — •Konstantin Weber and Carla Molteni
18:15 O 35.47 Depth profiling X-ray photoemission investigation and its impact into the field of Fusion Energy Materials — •Stephanie Rädel, Martin Köppen, Martin Oberkofler, Johann Riesch, Heike Löchel, Max Bauer, Antje Vollmer, and Christian Linsmeier
18:15 O 35.48 Patterning of the surface termination of ultrananocrystalline diamond films — •Mahsa Mozafari, Alexandra Voss, Cyril Popov, and Johann Peter Reithmaier
18:15 O 35.49 Molecular beam studies of methane dissociation on Ru(0001) — •Harald Kirsch, Zefeng Ren, R. Kramer Campen, and Martin Wolf
18:15 O 35.50 Catalytic activity of free and graphene-supported transition metal clusters — •Sanjubala Sahoo, Markus E. Gruner, and Peter Entel
18:15 O 35.51 (contribution withdrawn) Flame-Synthesis of Tailored Metal-Oxide Nanoparticle Surfaces for Highly Selective and Reactive Gas Sensors — •Antonio Tricoli
18:15 O 35.52 Solar2Fuel: Spectroscopic and electrochemical characterization of functionalized semiconductor surfaces for photocatalytic reduction of CO2 — •Florian Staier, Michael Grunze, and Michael Zharnikov
18:15 O 35.53 Solar2Fuel: ATR-IR-Spectroscopic characterization of functionalized semiconductor surfaces for photocatalytic reduction of CO2 — •Leo Pöttinger and Thomas Bürgi
18:15 O 35.54 Oxidation behavior of orientated brass surfaces investigated with STM, XPS and LEED — •Andreas Zychma, Renate Wansing, and Alexander Birkner
18:15 O 35.55 Reactivity of Acetylene on thin NiO films and on Pd(100) — •Oliver Höfert, Wei Zhao, Karin Gotterbarm, Andreas Bayer, Christian Papp, and Hans-Peter Steinrück
18:15 O 35.56 Methanol synthesis on ZnO(00011): CO reduction at oxygen vacancies. — •Johannes Frenzel, Nora Graf, and Dominik Marx
18:15 O 35.57 The dynamic redox properties of MoV oxide catalysts for the selective oxidation of alkanes studied by in-situ microwave cavity perturbation — •Christian Heine, Maik Eichelbaum, Annette Trunschke, and Robert Schlögl
18:15 O 35.58 Micro-flow tube reactor for investigations on the catalytic activity of model catalystsKwabena Offeh Gyimah, Matthias Roos, •Joachim Bansmann, and R. Jürgen Behm
18:15 O 35.59 Low cost low noise amplifier for charged nanoparticle beam detection — •Sebastian Schleicher, Wolfgang Rosellen, and Mathias Getzlaff
18:15 O 35.60 Ag clusters on SiO2 and in matrices: effects of cluster-structure and surroundings — •Sabrina Hoffmann, Stefanie Duffe, Kamil Latussek, David Engemann, Christoph J. Sahle, Christian Sternemann, Heinz Hövel, Ralph Wagner, and Pieter Glatzel
18:15 O 35.61 Cluster aus fokussierten Ionenstrahlen - Massenspektroskopische Untersuchung von Flüssigmetall-Ionenquellen — •Martin Wortmann, Dirk Reuter und Andreas D. Wieck
18:15 O 35.62 Mass selected copper clusters on graphite (HOPG): Photoelectron spectroscopy with ultraviolet light — •Christoph Schröder, David Engemann, Niklas Grönhagen, Natalie Miroslawski, Bernd von Issendroff, and Heinz Hövel
18:15 O 35.63 Catalytic activity of supported Pt clusters compared to Pt(111) — •Andrew S. Crampton, Claron. J. Ridge, Florian F. Schweinberger, and Ulrich Heiz
18:15 O 35.64 Linear and nonlinear spectroscopy of size selected metal clusters on surfaces — •Philipp Heister, Tobias Lünskens, Martin Tschurl und Uli Heiz
18:15 O 35.65 Setup and characterisation of CRD and SHG spectrometer for measuring optical response of supported metal clusters and evaporated molecules under UHV conditions — •Tobias Lünskens, Philipp Heister, Martin Tschurl und Uli Heiz
18:15 O 35.66 STM of size selected silver and copper clusters deposited on Au(111) and C60/Au(111) — •David Engemann, Niklas Grönhagen, Natalie Miroslawski, Bernd von Issendorff, Tommi T. Järvi, Michael Moseler, and Heinz Hövel
18:15 O 35.67 Photocatalysis with supported size-selected metal clusters — •Martin Tschurl, Josef Kiermaier, Andreas Winbauer, Friedrich Esch, Claude Henry, and Ulrich Heiz
18:15 O 35.68 d0 ferromagnetic interface between non-magnetic perovskites — •Riku Oja and Risto M. Nieminen
18:15 O 35.69 A new mode of operation of electron energy loss spectrometers: Application to surface magnon and surface vibration spectra — •Rajeswari Jayaraman, Harald Ibach, and Claus Michael Schneider
18:15 O 35.70 Investigation of ultrathin Fe films on Ag(001) using linear and nonlinear photoemission — •Thiago Peixoto, Mariusz Pazgan, Francesco Bisio, Aimo Winkelmann, Maciej Dabrowski, Marek Przybylski, and Jürgen Kirschner
18:15 O 35.71 Twin-Photoemission Electron Microscopy System (Twin-PEEM) — •Alexander Krasyuk, Christian Tusche, Gerd Schönhense, and Jurgen Kirschner
18:15 O 35.72 Time-resolved ARPES studies with high-oder harmonic radiation — •Björn Frietsch, Robert Carley, Martin Teichmann, Kristian Döbrich, Cornelius Gahl, and Martin Weinelt
18:15 O 35.73 [Mn6IIICrIII]3+-SMMs and its counterions on HOPG analyzed by Means of FM-KPFM — •Aaron Gryzia, Natalie Frese, Armin Brechling, Ulrich Heinzmann, Veronika Hoeke, and Thorsten Glaser
18:15 O 35.74 Using a two-dimensional electron mirror for efficient spin-resolved bandstructure mapping — •Christian Tusche, Martin Ellguth, Aimo Winkelmann, Alexander Krasyuk, and Jürgen Kirschner
18:15 O 35.75 (001) and (011) Surfaces of MnO and NiO — •Mihail Granovskij, Andreas Schrön, and Friedhelm Bechstedt
18:15 O 35.76 Metal- Porphyrins on metallic and superconducting surfaces — •Nino R. Hatter, Benjamin W. Heinrich, Lukas Z. Braun, Tobias R. Umbach, Jose I. Pascual, and Katharina J. Franke
18:15 O 35.77 Magnetic and structural investigations of thin ferromagnetic CrSb layers on GaAs(110)/GaAs(001) — •Carsten Godde and Ulrich Köhler
18:15 O 35.78 Susceptibility measurements of Ni clusters embedded in organic matrices — •Mariella Denk, Robert Mittermair, Daniel Queteschiner, Richard Denk, Michael Hohage, Lidong Sun, and Peter Zeppenfeld
18:15 O 35.79 Electronic states on Si(111)-(5×2)-Au — •Kerstin Biedermann and Thomas Fauster
18:15 O 35.80 Photoemission study of occupied and unoccupied states on Si(553)-Au — •Stefan Regensburger, Kerstin Biedermann, Thomas Fauster, Franz J. Himpsel, and Steven C. Erwin
18:15 O 35.81 Two-photon photoemission from Si(111) 7×7 — •Jens Güdde, Andreas Damm, Marcel Reutzel, Alexander Lerch, and Ulrich Höfer
18:15 O 35.82 Photoemission studies of graphene on Pt(111) — •David Nobis, Daniel Niesner, and Thomas Fauster
18:15 O 35.83 Towards time- and angle-resolved photoemission at a free-electron laser with an angle-resolving ToF spectrometer — •Christian Sohrt, Michael Bauer, Wilfried Wurth, Lutz Kipp, and Kai Rossnagel
18:15 O 35.84 Thickness dependence of ion induced eletron emission — •Kevin Kusmierek, Christian Haake, Andreas Wucher, Marika Schleberger, and Detlef Diesing
18:15 O 35.85 Surface and Image-Potential States of Ni(111) Investigated with Spin- and Time-Resolved 2PPEThomas Odebrecht, •Beatrice Andres, Marko Wietstruk, Anke B. Schmidt, Markus Donath, and Martin Weinelt
18:15 O 35.86 Thermal desorption spectroscopy of interstellar relevant molecules on Forsterit and Olivine — •Robert Frigge, Tushar Suhasaria, Nadine Heming, Björn Siemer, and Helmut Zacharias
18:15 O 35.87 On the relation between fluctuations in STM currents and diffusion coefficients of molecules on surfaces — •Susanne Hahne, Julian Ikonomov, Moritz Sokolowski, and Philipp Maass
18:15 O 35.88 Surface and bulk states at Ge(100) - Binding energies, lifetimes and dispersions — •Jens Kopprasch, Kristof Zielke, Cornelius Gahl, Christian Eickhoff, Jörg Schäfer, and Martin Weinelt
18:15 O 35.89 Electronic energy dissipation - obtain mechanisms and models from TDDFT — •Michael Grotemeyer and Eckhard Pehlke
18:15 O 35.90 Dynamic space charge effects in time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy — •Lars Oloff, Stefan Hellmann, Christian Sohrt, Ankatrin Stange, Timm Rohwer, Michael Bauer, Lutz Kipp, and Kai Rossnagel
18:15 O 35.91 Preparation and spectroscopic studies of benzo[ghi]perylene dye on SiC — •Nils Fabian Kleimeier, Deb Kumar Bhowmick, Nabi Aghdassi, Steffen Linden, André Devaux, Luisa De Cola, and Helmut Zacharias
18:15 O 35.92 Real-time observation of electron propagation in condensed matter — •Stefan Neppl, Elisabeth M. Bothschafter, Ralph Ernstorfer, Adrian L. Cavalieri, Johannes V. Barth, Dietrich Menzel, Reinhard Kienberger, and Peter Feulner
18:15 O 35.93 Nonequilibrium phonon gas in laser-excited solids — •Isabel Klett, Orkhan Osmani, and Bärbel Rethfeld
18:15 O 35.94 Time-resolved femtosecond Se 3d core level spectroscopy in the Mott insulator TiSe2 — •Hatem Dachraoui, Tobias Milde, Michael Porer, Norbert Müller, Recardo Manzke, Walter Pfeiffer, Rupert Huber, and Ulrich Heinzmann
18:15 O 35.95 2PPE-measurement on Cu(1 1 11) with an angle-resolving time-of-flight spectrometer — •Thomas Kunze, Jens Kopprasch, Martin Teichmann, Thorsten U. Kampen, and Martin Weinelt
18:15 O 35.96 Charge-transfer collisions of H+ with He using Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory — •Guillermo Avendano-Franco, Xavier Gonze, and Bernard Piraux
18:15 O 35.97 Investigations of the Patch Effect with a Scanning Kelvin Probe — •Gertrud Konrad, Stefan Baessler, Iain Baikie, Henry Bonner, Werner Heil, Rachel Hodges, Thorsten Lauer, Sean McGovern, and Xuying Tong
18:15 O 35.98 Dynamische Rasterreibungskraftmikroskopie: Bildkontrast bei höheren Moden auf HOPG — •Felix Mertens, Karsten Krischker, Thomas Göddenhenrich und André Schirmeisen
18:15 O 35.99 Nanoparticle Manipulation With Combined AFM/SEM — •Michael Feldmann, Antoni Tekiel, Jessica Topple, Dirk Dietzel, Peter Grutter, and André Schirmeisen
18:15 O 35.100 Charge transport mesasurements performed with an ultra compact multi-tip STM — •Marcus Blab, Vasily Cherepanov, Peter Coenen, and Bert Voigtländer
18:15 O 35.101 Radio frequency optimized STM for the use with pulsed tunneling voltages — •Christian Saunus, Marco Pratzer, and Markus Morgenstern
18:15 O 35.102 Ion conduction in glass ceramics: Influence of nanoscopic boundary surfaces in experiment and simulation — •Marvin Stiefermann, Dirk Dietzel, André Schirmeisen, Harald Fuchs, and Bernhard Roling
18:15 O 35.103 Contact size effects for the β-relaxation of PMMA using friction force microscopy — •Johannes Sondhauß, Bernd Gotsmann, Mark A. Lantz, and André Schirmeisen
18:15 O 35.104 Nano-Raman Microscope with Novel Probe Design for High-Resolution Surface Investigations — •Christoph Zeh, Daria Kovalenko, Martin Küttner, Bernd Köhler, Jörg Opitz, and Lukas M. Eng
18:15 O 35.105 Implementing a setup to detect ballistic and inelastic transport channels in an LT-STM experiment — •Maren C. Cottin, Johannes Schaffert, Rolf Möller, and Christian A. Bobisch
18:15 O 35.106 STM characterization of self-assembled organic compounds on metallic surfaces — •Oscar Diaz Arado, Lars Jansen, Hendrik Wagner, Amido Studer, and Harald Fuchs
18:15 O 35.107 Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography: Progress and Applications — •Felix Holzner, Philip Paul, Cyrill Kuemin, Ute Drechsler, James L. Hedrick, Heiko Wolf, Nicholas Spencer, Urs Duerig, and Armin Knoll
18:15 O 35.108 Electron induced dynamics of hepthathioether β-cyclodextrin molecules — •Avijit Kumar, René Heimbuch, Kim S. Wimbush, Hasan Atesci, Adil Acun, David N. Reinhoudt, Aldrik H. Velders, and Harold J W Zandvliet
18:15 O 35.109 Chromium Bulk Tips for Spin-Polarized Scanning Tunneling Microscopy — •Christian Hanneken, André Kubetzka, Kirsten von Bergmann, and Roland Wiesendanger
18:15 O 35.110 Conductive AFM for CNTs characterisation — •Marius Toader, Holger Fiedler, Stefan E. Schulz, and Michael Hietschold
18:15 O 35.111 Experiments on molecular heat transport — •Nils Könne, Ludwig Worbes, David Hellmann, Konstantin Kloppstech, Hanna Fedderwitz, and Achim Kittel
18:15 O 35.112 A combined LT-STM/FIM for tip specific tunnelling experiments — •Ben Wortmann and Rolf Möller
18:15 O 35.113 On the characterization of thermal properties of Near-field scanning thermal microscope (NSThM) thermocouple-sensors by means of 3-ω technique — •Konstantin Kloppstech, David Hellmann, Ludwig Worbes, Nils Könne, Hanna Fedderwitz, and Achim Kittel
18:15 O 35.114 Scanning near-field optical microscopy with single color centers — •Thomas Oeckinghaus, Julia Tisler, Rainer Stöhr, Roman Kolesov, Rolf Reuter, Friedemann Reinhard, and Jörg Wrachtrup
18:15 O 35.115 A next-generation room-temperature AFM setup with optical access for NV-magnetometry — •Dominik Schmid-Lorch, Tobias Staudacher, Friedemann Reinhard, and Jörg Wrachtrup
18:15 O 35.116 Recent progress on the open source software package GXSM — •Thorsten Wagner and Percy Zahl
18:15 O 35.117 (contribution withdrawn, duplicate of O 35.123) Investigations by intermittent contact AFM on free-standing static and mechanically vibrating nanowires — •Moid Bhatti, Ivo Knittel, and Uwe Hartmann
18:15 O 35.118 Low noise, wide band current to voltage amplifier for low temperature scanning tunneling microscope operation — •Hanna Fedderwitz, David Hellmann, Ludwig Worbes, Konstantin Kloppstech, Nils Könne, and Achim Kittel
18:15 O 35.119 (contribution withdrawn, duplicate of O 35.123) Investigations by intermittent contact AFM on free-standing static and mechanically vibrating nanowires — •Moid Bhatti, Ivo Knittel, and Uwe Hartmann
18:15 O 35.120 A low-temperature facility for spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy — •Lihui Zhou, Peter Löptien, Focko Meier, Jens Wiebe, and Roland Wiesendanger
18:15 O 35.121 A scanning tunneling microscope control system based on a field programmable gate array — •Peter-Jan Peters, Thomas Jürgens, and Richard Berndt
18:15 O 35.122 Setup and characterization of a new-built 300 mK ultra high vacuum scanning tunneling microscope — •Danny Baumann, Torben Hanke, Christian Hess, Marko Kaiser, Ralf Voigtländer, Dirk Lindackers, and Bernd Büchner
18:15 O 35.123 Investigations on nanowire-cantilever interactions — •Moid Bhatti, Ivo Knittel, and Uwe Hartmann
18:15 O 35.124 Development of a cryogenic scanning tunneling microscope with integrated optical lenses — •Jeannette Kemmer, Jens Kügel, Pin-Jui Hsu, Paolo Sessi, and Matthias Bode
18:15 O 35.125 An oxygen annealing chamber for the preparation of clean hard metal substrates — •Johannes Friedlein, Andreas Sonntag, Benjamin Ehlers, Stefan Krause, and Roland Wiesendanger
18:15 O 35.126 Advanced pulse-shaper design for simultaneous phase, amplitude, and polarization control of femtosecond laser pulses — •Christoph Schwarz, Ole Hueter, Fabian Ebert, and Tobias Brixner
18:15 O 35.127 Development of a System measuring Adhesion Forces in Powder Collectives — •Stefanie Wanka, Michael Kappl, Markus Wolkenhauer, and Hans-Jürgen Butt
18:15 O 35.128 Soft Landing of Macromolecules using Electrospray Ionization — •Richard Steinacher, Seung Cheol Oh, Julian Lloyd, Hartmut Schlichting, and Johannes V. Barth
18:15 O 35.129 Preparation and application of highly polarized Xe with variable 129Xe content — •Alexander Potzuweit, Richard Kastelik, Hagen Allmrodt, Lars Kraft, Anuschka Schaffner, and Heinz Jänsch
18:15 O 35.130 High-Resolution Double-Photoelectron Spectroscopy from superconducting Surfaces — •Tobias Bauer, Robert Wallauer, Stefan Voss, and Reinhard Dörner
18:15 O 35.131 Towards NMR of buried interfaces — •Anuschka Schaffner, Hagen Allmrodt, Lars Kraft, Richard Kastelik, Alexander Potzuweit, and Heinz Jänsch
18:15 O 35.132 Construction of a Neural Network Potential-Energy Surface for R,R-Tartaric Acid — •Sinja Klees, Tobias Morawietz, and Jörg Behler
18:15 O 35.133 Excitons of pure and functionalized carbon nanotubes studied by many-body perturbation theory — •Ferdinand Schulz and Michael Rohlfing
18:15 O 35.134 Method for solving the N-point Hedin equations — •Falk Tandetzky, Sangeeta Sharma, Kay Dewhurst, and Hardy Gross
18:15 O 35.135 Electronic and optical properties of tin oxides computed from first principles with different levels of approximation — •Anna Miglio, Martin Stankovski, Matteo Giantomassi, and Xavier Gonze
18:15 O 35.136 Nucleation Growth: Occupation Probability Field Ansatz as an Approximation of a Lattice Monte Carlo Simulation — •Tanja Mues and Andreas Heuer
18:15 O 35.137 DFT-Calculations of NEXAFS spectra of small alkanes and alkanethiols — •Katharina Diller, Klaus Hermann, Florian Klappenberger, and Johannes V. Barth
18:15 O 35.138 Systematic Construction of High-Dimensional Potential-Energy Surfaces by Neural NetworksTobias Morawietz, Nongnuch Artrith, and •Jörg Behler
18:15 O 35.139 Description of Rabi oscillations in density-functional theory: The effect of spin — •Jeiran Jokar and Nicole Helbig
18:15 O 35.140 Magnetism and unusual Cu valence in correlated perovskites — •Paola Alippi and Vincenzo Fiorentini
18:15 O 35.141 Reversible switching process of spiropyran on Au(111)F. Lorbeer, •P. Stoll, I. Fernandez Torrente, T. R. Umbach, C. Maity, S. Hecht, J.I. Pascual, and K.J. Franke
18:15 O 35.142 In situ metalation of 2H-tetraphenylporphyrins with copper substrate atoms on Cu(111): a scanning tunneling microscopy study — •Martin Drost, Stefanie Ditze, Michael Stark, Florian Buchner, Hans-Peter Steinrück, and Hubertus Marbach
18:15 O 35.143 DFT study of the attachment of silane linker molecules to hydroxylated Mg surfaces — •Steffen Seiler and Bernd Meyer
18:15 O 35.144 Probing gas ligation of surface anchored porphyrins through an experiment-theory IETS study — •Knud Seufert, Willi Auwärter, Shiri Burema, Marie-Laure Bocquet, Johannes V. Barth, David Écija, and Saranyan Vijayaraghavan
18:15 O 35.145 Switching of an industrial dye-molecule on Au(111) and Ag(111) — •Marcel Müller, Gerald Dräger, Konrad Boom, Friederike Matthaei, and Karina Morgenstern
18:15 O 35.146 Tuning the interaction between carbon nanotubes and dipole switches: influence of the change of the nanotube-spiropyran distance — •Pascal Bluemmel, Antonio Setaro, Chandan Maity, Stefan Hecht, and Stephanie Reich
18:15 O 35.147 Efficient energy transfer in perylene-nanotube complexes — •Friederike Ernst, Timm Heek, Antonio Setaro, Rainer Haag, and Stephanie Reich
18:15 O 35.148 Chirality Enrichment of Carbon Nanotubes by Amphiphile Replacement — •Marcus Ulf Witt, Antonio Setaro, Frederike Ernst, Pascal Bluemmel, Michael Gegg, and Stephanie Reich
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