Regensburg 2013 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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BP: Fachverband Biologische Physik

BP 11: Posters: Statistical Physics in Biological Systems (joint with DY)

Montag, 11. März 2013, 17:30–19:30, Poster B2

17:30 BP 11.1 Perturbed self-organized critical networks as a sleep modelli chen and •christian meisel
17:30 BP 11.2 Information filtering by synchronous spikes in a neural population — •Nahal Sharafi
17:30 BP 11.3 Modelling of rhythmic patterns in hippocampus — •Anastasia Lavrova, Michael Zaks, and Lutz Schimansky-Geier
17:30 BP 11.4 Interaction between Looped-Star Polymers — •Dieter Heermann and Benoit Knecht
17:30 BP 11.5 Collective behavior and structure formation of hydrodynamically interacting active particles — •Marc Hennes, Katrin Wolff, and Holger Stark
17:30 BP 11.6 Evolutionary food web model on a set of patches coupled by migration — •Eva Marie Weiel, Korinna T. Allhoff, and Barbara Drossel
17:30 BP 11.7 Effects of a stage structure in a population dynamics model to explain cyclic dominance of pacific sockey salmon — •Fabian Fertig, Christoph Schmitt, Christian Guill, and Barbara Drossel
17:30 BP 11.8 Simple models for generation cycles — •Torsten Pfaff, Barbara Drossel, and Christian Guill
17:30 BP 11.9 Nematic microstructure in biopolymer solutions — •Marc Lämmel and Klaus Kroy
17:30 BP 11.10 Stochastic tug-of-war model with symmetric motor properties does not provide processive cargo movement. — •Sarah Klein, Cecile Appert-Rolland, and Ludger Santen
17:30 BP 11.11 Modeling diversity of immune genes in host-parasite co-evolution — •Yixian Song and Arne Traulsen
17:30 BP 11.12 3D-Tracking of phagosomal transport by molecular motors through the cytoskeleton — •Martin Glasstetter and Alexander Rohrbach
17:30 BP 11.13 A simple polymer in a spherical cage — •Martin Marenz, Johannes Zierenberg, and Wolfhard Janke
17:30 BP 11.14 Hybrid simulation model for spatiotemporal intracellular calcium signals — •Martin Rückl, Nagaiah Chamakuri, and Sten Rüdiger
17:30 BP 11.15 Measuring structural changes in chromatin induced by ionizing radiation: an analysis of localization microscopy images — •Yang Zhang, Gabriell Máté, Sabina Hillebrandt, Patrick Müller, Michael G. Hausmann, and Dieter W. Heermann
17:30 BP 11.16 Pulling experiments on biological molecules: model analysis and simulation — •Katharina Wenzel and Andreas Heuer
17:30 BP 11.17 Mutation and Migration in Structured Populations — •Matthias Lechner, Jonas Cremer, Anna Melbinger, and Erwin Frey
17:30 BP 11.18 Swimming patterns of bacteria in confined microchannels with obstacles — •Michael Raatz, Matthias Theves, and Carsten Beta
17:30 BP 11.19 Evolution of increasingly complex filamentous molecules — •Philipp Zimmer, Emanuel Worst, Eva Wollrab, Albrecht Ott, and Karsten Kruse
17:30 BP 11.20 In-phase and anti-phase synchronization in noisy Hodgkin-Huxley neurons — •Xue Ao, Peter Hänggi, and Gerhard Schmid
17:30 BP 11.21 Inverse statistical analysis in heart rate variability — •Haleh Ebadi
17:30 BP 11.22 Bifurcation analysis of a thalamocortical mean field model — •Michael Schellenberger Costa, Thomas Martinetz, and Jens Christian Claussen
17:30 BP 11.23 Limitations on entrainment frequency in cortical slow wave stimulation — •Arne Weigenand, Lisa Marshall, Thomas Martinetz, and Jens Christian Claussen
17:30 BP 11.24 Approach for automated sleep stage classification from spectral data — •Stephan Volkland and Jens Christian Claussen
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