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BP: Fachverband Biologische Physik

BP 9: Poster II

Montag, 16. März 2020, 17:30–19:30, P2/2OG

Cytoskeletal Filaments (BP 9.1 – BP 9.14); Membranes and Vesicles (BP 9.15 – BP 9.27)

17:30 BP 9.1 Vimentin intermediate filaments stabilize dynamic microtubules — •Charlotta Lorenz, Laura Schaedel, and Sarah Köster
17:30 BP 9.2 Influence of Ions on the Assembly of Vimentin Intermediate Filaments — •Manuela Denz, Harald Herrmann, and Sarah Köster
17:30 BP 9.3 Comparison of mechanisms of kinetochore capture with varying number of spindle microtubules — •Indrani Nayak, Dibyendu Das, and Amitabha Nandi
17:30 BP 9.4 Force Generation by Contractile Actomyosin in Elastic Frames — •Johannes Flommersfeld, David Brückner, Haiyang Jia, Petra Schwille, and Chase Broedersz
17:30 BP 9.5 Filament Sensor - A tool for near real-time analysis of stress fiber formation in stem cells — •Lara Hauke, Benjamin Eltzner, Carina Wollnik, Stephan Huckemann, and Florian Rehfeldt
17:30 BP 9.6 Modeling Interactions of Molecular Motors with Microtubule Lattice — •William Lecompte, Sarah Triclin, Laurent Blanchoin, Manuel Théry, and Karin John
17:30 BP 9.7 Length distributions of microtubules with a multistep catastrophe mechanism — •Felix Schwietert, Lina Heydenreich, and Jan Kierfeld
17:30 BP 9.8 Stochastic modeling of the tug-of-war between kinesin-1 and mammalian dynein motor proteins in intracellular transport — •Gina Antonieta Monzon, Lara Scharrel, Ashwin DSouza, Stefan Diez, and Ludger Santen
17:30 BP 9.9 Investigation and manipulation of the bacterial cell wall synthesis with super-resolution microscopy and optical tweezers — •Franziska Moos, Julian Roth, and Alexander Rohrbach
17:30 BP 9.10 Investigation of transport behavior of multiple kinesin-3 motors coupled directly to membranous cargoAshwin D'souza, •Rahul Grover, and Stefan Diez
17:30 BP 9.11 Active self-organization and division in nematic droplets — •Fabian Jan Schwarzendahl and Kinjal Dasbiswas
17:30 BP 9.12 Functionalizing the microtubule lumen — •Foram Joshi, Hauke Drechsler, and Stefan Diez
17:30 BP 9.13 Profilin regulating the polymerisation velocity of Actin — •Lina Heydenreich and Jan Kierfeld
17:30 BP 9.14 Hydrodynamics of a compressible film of active gel — •Li-Shing Lin and Hsuan-Yi Chen
17:30 BP 9.15 Simultaneous measurement of surface and bilayer tension in a microfluidic chip — •Navid Khangholi, Ralf Seemann, and Jean-Baptiste Fleury
17:30 BP 9.16 Isolation of Plasma Membrane Lipids from Immobilized Trypanosomes for Model Membrane Studies — •Nicolas Hagedorn and Susanne Fenz
17:30 BP 9.17 Phase Separation and Mechanics of Biomimetic Membranes — •Valeska Rathe and Cornelia Monzel
17:30 BP 9.18 Is the swimming behavior of Paramecium controlled by the thermodynamic state of its membrane? — •Anne Paeger and Matthias Schneider
17:30 BP 9.19 Influence of viscoelastic properties on the speed of sound in lipid membranesMatthias F. Schneider and •Gregor Haider
17:30 BP 9.20 Fusogenic Liposomes are Intrinsically Tensed — •Laura Schmitt, Rudolf Merkel, and Agnes Cziszár
17:30 BP 9.21 Cooperativity among multiple types of receptor-ligand bonds in membrane adhesion — •Long Li and Ana-Sunčana Smith
17:30 BP 9.22 Optical characterization of thermodynamic states in biological systems — •Carina Fedosejevs and Matthias F. Schneider
17:30 BP 9.23 Simulation of biological vesicles using a phase-field approach — •Thomas Nevolianis, Erik Wittemeier, and Dmitry Chigrin
17:30 BP 9.24 Ellipsometric study of DPPC Supported Lipid bilayer formation evaporated by a solvent-free process on silicon substratesMarcelo A. Cisternas, Francisca Palacios-Coddou, Sebastian Molina, Maria Jose Retamal, Nicolas Moraga, Hugo Zelada, Marco A. Soto-Arriaza, Tomas P. Corrales, and •Ulrich G. Volkmann
17:30 BP 9.25 Verification of evaporated dry phospholipid bilayer formation with AFM — •Maria Jose Retamal, Marcelo A. Cisternas, Francisca Palacios-Coddou, Sebastian Molina, Nicolas Moraga, Hugo Zelada, Marco A. Soto-Arriaza, Tomas P. Corrales, and Ulrich G. Volkmann
17:30 BP 9.26 Ordering of n-alkanes in lipid bilayers — •Anika Wurl and Tiago Mendes Ferreira
17:30 BP 9.27 Comparison of Cholesterol and Ergosterol in Binary Bilayer Membranes: Insights from Molecular Dynamics Simulations — •Azadeh Alavizargar, Fabian Keller, Marc Lütgehermöller, and Andreas Heuer
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