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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 30: Poster I

Dienstag, 17. März 2020, 13:30–15:45, P3

This poster session includes contributions from the following topics:

- Nitrides: Devices - Nitrides: Preparation and characterization - Focus Session: Functional Metal Oxides for Novel Applications and Devices - Oxide semiconductors - THz and MIR physics in semiconductors - Heterostructures, interfaces and surfaces - Quantum transport and quantum Hall effects - Transport properties

Please put up your poster at the beginning of the session and remove the poster immediately after the session. The person peresenting the poster should attend it for at least half of the session duration and indicate the time when to find him/her at the poster.

13:30 HL 30.1 Towards Sustainable, Flexible Electronics from Abundant Elements: Integrated Circuits Comprising TFTs Based on Amorphous Room-Temperature-Fabricated Zinc-Tin-Oxide — •Oliver Lahr, Holger von Wenckstern, and Marius Grundmann
13:30 HL 30.2 Effect of plasma treatment on electronic devices based on In2O3 — •Fabian Schöppach, Daniel Splith, Holger von Wenckstern, and Marius Grundmann
13:30 HL 30.3 Investigation of charge carrier transport mechanism in amorphous ZnON and ZnSnO thin films by temperature dependent Hall effect measurementsAntonia Welk, Holger von Wenckstern, and •Marius Grundmann
13:30 HL 30.4 Growth of transparent, p-conductive γ-CuI by PLD — •Philipp Storm, Michael Bar, Chang Yang, Daniel Splith, Holger von Wenckstern, Michael Lorenz, and Marius Grundmann
13:30 HL 30.5 Electrical properties of all amorphous ZnMgON/ZnCo2O4 bipolar heterojunction diodes — •Arne Jörns, Antonia Welk, Anna Reinhardt, Holger von Wenckstern, and Marius Grundmann
13:30 HL 30.6 HyGlas - a novel approach for smart windows as energetically efficient hybrid double-skin facades using electrochromic WO3 thin films. — •Florian Kuhl, Angelika Polity, and Peter J. Klar
13:30 HL 30.7 Vertical field-effect transistors based on amorphous zinc-tin oxide - simulation and fabrication — •Michael Bar, Daniel Splith, Holger von Wenckstern, and Marius Grundmann
13:30 HL 30.8 Electrical characterization of p-conductive transparent copper iodide thin films deposited by PLD — •Michael Bar, Philipp Storm, Holger von Wenckstern, Chang Yang, Michael Lorenz, and Marius Grundmann
13:30 HL 30.9 Towards Thermal Conductivity measurements in β-Ga2O3 Thin Films — •Robin Ahrling, Martin Handwerg, Olivio Chiatti, Rüdiger Mitdank, Zbigniew Galazka, Günter Wagner, Andreas Popp, and Saskia F. Fischer
13:30 HL 30.10 Stabilization of single phase α-(AlxGa1−x)2O3 by pulsed laser deposition — •Max Kneiss, Anna Hassa, Daniel Splith, Chris Sturm, Holger von Wenckstern, Michael Lorenz, and Marius Grundmann
13:30 HL 30.11 Rectifying contacts to κ-Ga2O3 — •Max Kneiss, Anna Hassa, Peter Schlupp, Daniel Splith, Holger von Wenckstern, Michael Lorenz, and Marius Grundmann
13:30 HL 30.12 Material Investigations of Corundum-Structured Group-III-Sesquioxides by PLD on (00.1) Al2O3 — •C. Petersen, A. Hassa, M. Kneiß, H. Wenckstern, D. Splith, C. Sturm, and M. Grundmann
13:30 HL 30.13 The influence on defect states in Aluminium oxide on conductivity of a hydrogen-terminated diamond surface — •Dennis Oing, Jens Kerski, Nicolas Wöhrl, Martin Geller, and Axel Lorke
13:30 HL 30.14 Modification of GaAs based Heterostructures by Laser Annealing — •Hans-Georg Babin, Julian Ritzmann, Marcel Schmidt, Arne Ludwig, and Andreas D. Wieck
13:30 HL 30.15 Molecular Beam Epitaxy growth and epitaxial lift off of (111)B-AlAs/GaAs heterostructures — •Tobias Henksmeier, Martin Eppinger, and Dirk Reuter
13:30 HL 30.16 Charge transport in graphene, encapsulated by hexagonal boron nitride, as a field effect transistor device — •Leo Schnitzspan, Alexander Tries, Marie-Luise Braatz, and Mathias Kläui
13:30 HL 30.17 Ab Initio investigations on the accuracy of the band offset in GaAs/AlGaAs heterojunction — •Felix Scholler, Jonas F. Schäfer-Richarz, Philipp Risius, and Christian Heiliger
13:30 HL 30.18 Do equidistant energy levels necessitate a harmonic potential? — •Fabian Teichert, Eduard Kuhn, and Angela Thränhardt
13:30 HL 30.19 Focused ion beam implantation of rare-earth ions in semiconductor nanostructures — •Christian Düputell, Arne Ludwig, Jörg Debus, Manfred Bayer, and Andreas D. Wieck
13:30 HL 30.20 Correlation of optical properties and interface morphology in type-II semiconductor heterostructures — •Luise Rost, Milan Maradiya, Jannick Lehr, Wolfgang Stolz, and Wolfram Heimbrodt
13:30 HL 30.21 Atomic structure of GaAsxP1−x surfaces during MOCVD-preparation — •Agnieszka Paszuk, Oliver Supplie, Jan Philipp Stöckmann, Harita Gordhanbhai Rupapara, Peter Kleinschmidt, and Thomas Hannappel
13:30 HL 30.22 Back-gated FET operation in 4H SiC for controlling transport in epitaxial graphene nanojunctions — •Maria T. Schlecht, Christian Ott, Stefan Malzer, and Heiko B. Weber
13:30 HL 30.23 Electronic properties of the GaP/Si(001) heterointerface studied by HAXPESOleksandr Romanyuk, •Jan P. Stöckmann, Agnieszka Paszuk, Oliver Supplie, Regan G. Wilks, Jakob Bombsch, Claudia Hartmann, Raül Garcia-Diez, Shigenori Ueda, Igor Bartoš, Ivan Gordeev, Jana Houdkova, Peter Kleinschmidt, Marcus Bär, Petr Jiříček, and Thomas Hannappel
13:30 HL 30.24 Investigation of Poole-Frenkel-ionization in magnesium-doped AlGaN short period superlattices — •Emil Mickein, Anton Muhin, Norman Susilo, Luca Sulmoni, Martin Guttmann, Christian Kuhn, Tim Wernicke, and Michael Kneissl
13:30 HL 30.25 Effect of Mg doping in the electron blocking layer on UVC-LED efficiency characterized by temperature–dependent electroluminescence spectroscopy — •Katharina Müller, Priti Gupta, Norman Susilo, Martin Guttmann, Tim Wernicke, Markus Weyers, and Michael Kneissl
13:30 HL 30.26 Simulation of Magnetoelectric MicrobeamsSimeon Katzer, Bernd Hähnlein, •Maximilian Krey, Katja Tonisch, Stefan Krischok, and Hannes Toepfer
13:30 HL 30.27 Highly reflective and conductive AlInN/GaN distributed Bragg reflectors realized by Ge-doping — •Cleophace Seneza, Christoph Berger, Hartmut Witte, Jürgen Bläsing, Anja Dempewolf, Armin Dadgar, Jürgen Christen, and André Strittmatter
13:30 HL 30.28 A study of ultrathin c-plane GaInN/GaN quantum wells and discs grown by MBE — •André Schendel, Heiko Bremers, Uwe Rossow, and Andreas Hangleiter
13:30 HL 30.29 Structure and dielectric function tensor of (Al,Sc)N thin films — •Sascha Kürth, Rüdiger Schmidt-Grund, Stefan Krischok, and Katja Tonisch
13:30 HL 30.30 Nonempirical dielectric-dependent hybrid functional for semiconductors and insulators — •Wei Chen, Giacomo Miceli, Gian-Marco Rignanese, and Alfredo Pasquarello
13:30 HL 30.31 Theoretical investigation of the monoclinic and orthrombic phase of WO3 — •Felix Bernhardt and Simone Sanna
13:30 HL 30.32 Gating technologies for bilayer 2D carrier systems — •Jana Marie Meyer, Jan Scharnetzky, Simon Parolo, Christian Reichl, Werner Dietsche, Werner Wegscheider, Lars Tiemann, and Robert Blick
13:30 HL 30.33 Quantum Hall Effect in Bulk-insulating Sn-doped Bi1.1Sb0.9Te2S Topological Insulators — •Dingxun Fan, Yongjian Wang, and Yoichi Ando
13:30 HL 30.34 Anomalous and topological hall effect in magnetically-doped topological insulator thin films grown by molecular beam epitaxy — •Anjana Uday, Gertjan Lippertz, Andrea Bliesner, Alexey Taskin, and Yoichi Ando
13:30 HL 30.35 Topological insulator nanowires grown selectively by molecular beam epitaxy — •Gertjan Lippertz, Andrea Bliesener, Anjana Uday, Gian-Luca Ansermetti, Oliver Breunig, Alexey Taskin, Lino Pereira, and Yoichi Ando
13:30 HL 30.36 Optical-pump/THz-probe spectrometer using mode-matching via field-enhancement — •Julia Lang, Michael Seidel, and Georg Herink
13:30 HL 30.37 Switchable THz wavefront modulators made of thermocromic VxW 1−x O 2 thin films — •Janine Lorenz, Florian Kuhl, Angelika Polity, Yan Zhang, and Peter J. Klar
13:30 HL 30.38 Creation of a shallow graphitic layer in diamond for field effect applications — •Dennis Oing, Martin Geller, Axel Lorke, and Nicolas Wöhrl
13:30 HL 30.39 Deep level transient spectroscopy on thin rutile films — •Lukas Berg, Laurin Schnorr, Thomas Heinzel, Carlos Cesar Bof Bufon und Leandro Merces
13:30 HL 30.40 Thermoelectric properties of Bi-based core/shell nanowires — •Maximilian Kockert, Jeongmin Kim, Hongjae Moon, Danny Kojda, Mahni Müller, Rüdiger Mitdank, Anna Mogilatenko, S. Hoda Moosavi, Michael Kroener, Peter Woias, Wooyoung Lee, and Saskia F. Fischer
13:30 HL 30.41 Electroluminescence emission in a GaAsSb resonant tunneling diode with emitter prewell — •Edgar David Guarin Castro, Edson Cardozo de Oliveira, Andreas Pfenning, Fabian Hartmann, Lukas Worschech, Sven Höfling, Gilmar Marques, Marcio Daldin Teodoro, and Victor Lopez-Richard
13:30 HL 30.42 Contactless Measurement of the Sheet Resistance of two-dimensional Electron Gases — •Timo A. Kurschat, Arne Ludwig, and Andreas D. Wieck
13:30 HL 30.43 Schottky junctions on GeSn bottom-up grown nanowires by Nickel-stanogermanidation via flash-lamp annealing — •Shima Jazavandy Ghamsari, Artur Erbe, and Yordan M. Georgiev
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