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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 59: Poster Session II (Nanostructures at surfaces: Dots, particles, clusters; Nanostructures at surfaces: arrays; Nanostructures at surfaces: Wires, tubes; Nanostructures at surfaces: Other; Plasmonics and nanooptics; Metal substrates: Epitaxy and growth; Metal substrates: Solid-liquid interfaces; Metal substrates: Adsoprtion of organic / bio molecules; Metal substrates: Adsoprtion of inorganic molecules; Metal substrates: Adsoprtion of O and/or H; Metal substrates: Clean surfaces; Density functional theory and beyond for real materials)

Mittwoch, 24. März 2010, 17:45–20:30, Poster B1

17:45 O 59.1 Monte Carlo simulations of nucleation processes on pre-patterned surfaces — •Stefan Frieder Hopp and Andreas Heuer
  20:30 The poster O 59.118 has been withdrawn.
17:45 O 59.2 Analysis of surface nucleation processes with a coarse-grained Monte Carlo (CGMC) method — •Tanja Mues and Andreas Heuer
17:45 O 59.3 The height of size selected Ag clusters on C60 films — •Natalie Miroslawski, Niklas Grönhagen, Kolja Mende, Stefanie Duffe, Bernd von Issendorff, Michael Moseler, and Heinz Hövel
17:45 O 59.4 Deposition of silver nanoparticles on to thin films of ionic liquid on SiO2 — •E. Pachomow, O. Höfft, M. Marschewski, W. Maus-Friedrichs, and F. Endres
17:45 O 59.5 THECLA - Setup of a THErmal CLuster Apparatus — •Sabrina Hennes, Stefanie Duffe, and Heinz Hövel
17:45 O 59.6 Photoconductivity of metal nanoparticle ensembles supported by localized surface plasmon polariton resonances (LSPPRs) — •Elena Vashchenko, Tigran Vartanyan, Frank Träger, and Frank Hubenthal
17:45 O 59.7 Photochemical particle growth in ordered two-dimensional arrays — •Axel Seidenstücker, Thomas Härtling, Alfred Plettl, Phillip Olk, Paul Ziemann, and Lukas Eng
17:45 O 59.8 Characterization of Fe2O3-Nanotubes prepared by ALD — •Markus Sproll, Ulf Wiedwald, Christian Pfahler, Alfred Plettl, Paul Ziemann, and Julien Bachmann
17:45 O 59.9 Enhanced LED emission by ordered metallic nanoparticle arrays — •Tino Göhler, David Gottwald, Stefan Grafström, Jürgen Moosburger, and Lukas M. Eng
17:45 O 59.10 Exploring the CoPc@HOPG interface: STM and STS study — •Lars Smykalla, Marius Toader, Pavel Shukrynau, and Michael Hietschold
17:45 O 59.11 Exploration of critical parameters in production of nano structures with Focused Ion Beams — •Stefan Balk, Lukas Patryarcha, Karl Bauer, Axel Rudzinski, Lars Bruchhaus, and Heinz Hövel
17:45 O 59.12 Electrodeposition of free-standing regular arrays of metallic nanowires using template synthesizing technique — •Nina Winkler, Yong Lei, and Gerhard Wilde
17:45 O 59.13 One-dimensional ZnO nanostructures and their property investigation — •Peter Heß, Yong Lei, and Gerhard Wilde
17:45 O 59.14 Growth and photoluminescence of carbon-nanotubes laying on silicon substrates — •Peter Löptien, Shigeru Moritsubo, Tomoaki Murai, and Yuichiro K. Kato
17:45 O 59.15 Structural and electronic properties of Au induced nanowires on Ge(001) — •Tijs Mocking, Daan Kockmann, Arie van Houselt, Bene Poelsema, and Harold Zandvliet
17:45 O 59.16 Investigation of the geometric structure of one-dimensional Au nanowires on the Ge(001) surface with STM and LEED — •Sebastian Mietke, Melanie Klinke, Tatjana Podlich, René Matzdorf, Christian Blumenstein, Jörg Schäfer, Sebastian Meyer, and Ralph Claessen
17:45 O 59.17 Micromanipulation of individual InAs nanowiresKilian Flöhr, •Marcus Liebmann, Kamil Sladek, Hilde Hardtdegen, Thomas Schäpers, Detlev Grützmacher, and Markus Morgenstern
17:45 O 59.18 Nanoline templates for single atom wires on Si(001) — •Sigrun A. Köster, James H. G. Owen, François Bianco, Daniel Mazur, Alvaro Rodriguez-Prieto, David R. Bowler, and Chrisoph Renner
17:45 O 59.19 Iron-Induced Reconstructions on the Ge(001) Surface: a Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study — •Michael Lochner, Christian Blumenstein, Jörg Schäfer, and Ralph Claessen
17:45 O 59.20 Conductive AFM on Supramolecular Assemblies — •Carsten Hentschel, Daniel Ebeling, Lin Jiang, Harald Fuchs, and Lifeng Chi
17:45 O 59.21 Pentacene on insulators and the growth of nanocrystals: an STM study with submolecular resolution — •Alexander Kabakchiev, Klaus Kuhnke, Theresa Lutz, and Klaus Kern
17:45 O 59.22 Ion induced surface topography evolution of Cu — •Maria Lenius, Reiner Kree, and Cynthia A. Volkert
17:45 O 59.23 Focused electron beam induced processing in UHV: "nanowriting" with an electron-beam as a pen and precursor molecules as inkFlorian Vollnhals, Marie-Madeleine Walz, Michael Schirmer, Thomas Lukasczyk, Hans-Peter Steinrück, and •Hubertus Marbach
17:45 O 59.24 Characterization of Plasmonic Nanoantennas for Enhanced High Harmonic Generation by 2P-TOF-PEEM — •Soo Hoon Chew, Adrian Wirth, Frederik Süßmann, Nils Weber, Matthias Escher, Sergey Zherebtsov, Jürgen Schmidt, Michael Hofstetter, Matthias Kling, Mark Stockman, Ferenc Krausz, and Ulf Kleineberg
17:45 O 59.25 Excitation of plasmonic gap waveguides by nano antennas — •Jing Wen, Peter Banzer, Daniel Ploss, Arian Kriesch, and Ulf Peschel
17:45 O 59.26 Near field and far field excitation of plasmonic waveguide arrays — •Arian Kriesch, Jing Wen, and Ulf Peschel
17:45 O 59.27 Interactions in electrically and magnetically coupled stereometamaterials — •Lutz Langguth, Ralf Vogelgesang, and Harald Giessen
17:45 O 59.28 Nanoparticle-based Photothermal Control of the Catalytic Activity of the Enzyme HRPJan Bretschneider, Maximilian Reismann, •Malte Linn, Gero von Plessen, and Ulrich Simon
17:45 O 59.29 Optical Properties of Plasmonic Planar Septamer Nanostructures — •Mario Hentschel, Na Liu, and Harald Giessen
17:45 O 59.30 Calculation of the up-conversion efficiency of Er3+ ions near noble-metal nanoparticlesFlorian Hallermann, Jan Christoph Goldschmidt, Stefan Fischer, Philipp Löper, •Christian Maasem, and Gero von Plessen
17:45 O 59.31 Near-field phase and flux controllability in the near-field — •Giovanni Piredda, Caroline Gollub, Regina de Vivie-Riedle, and Achim Hartschuh
17:45 O 59.32 Acousto-Plasmonic Properties of Single Metal Nanoparticles — •Kai Kratzer, Thorsten Schumacher, and Markus Lippitz
17:45 O 59.33 Temperature dependence of antenna-like plasmon resonances of gold nanowires in the Infrared — •Jörg Bochterle, Frank Neubrech, Hoang Vu Chung, Dominik Enders, Tadaaki Nagao, and Annemarie Pucci
17:45 O 59.34 Third harmonic generation from gold nanostructures using a femtosecond laser scanning microscope — •Siegfried Weisenburger, Tobias Utikal, Harald Giessen, and Markus Lippitz
17:45 O 59.35 Second-harmonic generation at thin gold films: Comparison of experiment and theory — •Philipp Reichenbach, Andreas Hille, Stefan Grafström, and Lukas M. Eng
17:45 O 59.36 Controlling the Third-Harmonic Generation in a Metallic Photonic Crystal Coupled to a Waveguide — •Reinold Podzimski, Matthias Reichelt, Torsten Meier, Tobias Utikal, and Harald Giessen
17:45 O 59.37 Coupled surface plasmon polariton - exciton modes for absorbing and pumped excitons — •Stephan Schwieger, David Leipold, and Erich Runge
17:45 O 59.38 Surface plasmon polaritons in a gold double-grating structure — •Steve Lenk, Stephan Schwieger, and Erich Runge
17:45 O 59.39 Simulation of the behaviour of surface plasmon polaritons on C3 symmetric nano-holes arranged as C4 symmetric arrays — •David Leipold, Stephan Schwieger, and Erich Runge
17:45 O 59.40 Goos-Hänchen-Effect for a SPP — •Felix Huerkamp, Alexei Maradudin, and Tamara Leskova
17:45 O 59.41 Influence of C60-Adsorption on Surface Plasmon Polariton Properties — •Pierre Kirschbaum, Niemma M. Buckanie, Michael Horn-von Hoegen, and Frank-J. Meyer zu Heringdorf
17:45 O 59.42 Acoustic surface plasmons on Au(111) and Au(788) — •U. Krieg, L. Vattuone, M. Smerieri, M. Rocca, H. Pfnür, and C. Tegenkamp
17:45 O 59.43 Probing Exciton Propagation and Localization in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes — •Carsten Georgi, Miriam Böhmler, and Achim Hartschuh
17:45 O 59.44 FDTD Simulations of Near-field Mediated Semiconductor Molecular Optical PropertiesDai Zhang, Marcus Sakrow, •Josip Mihaljevic, and Alfred J. Meixner
17:45 O 59.45 One-dimensional analytical model for strong-field photoelectron emission from metal nanostructures — •Sergey Yalunin, Reiner Bormann, Alexander Weismann, Max Gulde, and Claus Ropers
17:45 O 59.46 Modeling the Optical Response of Metallic Nanostructures in the Discontinuous Galerkin Time-Domain Method — •Christopher Prohm, Michael König, Jens Niegemann, and Kurt Busch
17:45 O 59.47 Ultrafast optical response of metal surfaces — •Mathias Wand, Arno Schindlmayr, Yevgen Grynko, Torsten Meier, and Jens Förstner
17:45 O 59.48 Time-Domain Simulations of Semiclassical Radiation Dynamics in Photonic Nanostructures — •Paolo Longo, Jens Niegemann, and Kurt Busch
17:45 O 59.49 Cantilever based Scanning Near Field Optical Microscopy probes as platform for optical antenna sensors — •Bernhard Schaaf, Marc Salomo, Jennifer Linden, Daniela Bayer, Jens Niegemann, Michael König, Christopher Prohm, Martin Aeschlimann, Kurt Busch, and Egbert Oesterschulze
17:45 O 59.50 Lateral manipulation of surface plasmons by hollow structures — •Michael Lutz, Stephen Riedel, Paul Leiderer, and Johannes Boneberg
17:45 O 59.51 Golden Nanocones for Near-Field Optical Applications — •Christian Schäfer, Bastian Zeeb, Peter Nill, Alexander F. F. Weber-Bargioni, Stefano Cabrini, Monika Fleischer, and Dieter P. Kern
17:45 O 59.52 Signal-to-background ratio in scattering-type Scanning Near-Field Microscopy (s-SNOM) — •Jón Mattis Hoffmann, Jon Schuller, Mark Brongersma, Stefanie Bensmann, and Thomas Taubner
17:45 O 59.53 Shadow nanosphere lithography of nanospirals — •Bettina Frank, Jun Zhao, and Harald Giessen
17:45 O 59.54 Pump-probe apertureless near-field microscopy - a Tool for time resolved Nanooptics — •Marcus Rommel, Stephanie Essig, Ralf Vogelgesang, and Markus Lippitz
17:45 O 59.55 LEEM/LEED investigation of Fe3O4 thin film growth on a Pt(111) substrate: morphology, growth and atomic termination — •Alessandro Sala, Helder Marchetto, Thomas Schmidt, and Hans-Joachim Freund
17:45 O 59.56 Growth of nanostructures on fcc(110) metal surfaces at the atomic scale — •Oleg V. Stepanyuk, Nikolay N. Negulyaev, Pavel A. Ignatiev, Wolfram Hergert, and Alexander M. Saletsky
17:45 O 59.57 Adatoms with character: Co and Pt atoms on Pt (111) — •Andreas Garhofer, Zuzana Bortlova, Michael Schmid, Peter Varga, and Josef Redinger
17:45 O 59.58 Ultrathin Epitaxial Molecular C60 Layers on Bi(111):
Morphology, Strain State, and Order-Disorder Phase Transition
— •Hichem Hattab, Dennis Meyer, Giriraj Jnawali, and Michael Horn-von Hoegen
17:45 O 59.59 Properties of ultrathin In layers on the Ni(001) face — •Aleksander Krupski, Maciej Góral, and Wojciech Pawłowski
17:45 O 59.60 Properties of Ultrathin Pb Layers on the Ni(001) Face — •Katarzyna Miśków, Maciej Góral, Wojciech Pawłowski, Tomasz Kraśnicki, Tomasz Kosmala, Zbigniew Jankowski, and Aleksander Krupski
17:45 O 59.61 General aspects of surface alloy formation — •Andreas Bergbreiter, András Berkó, Albert K. Engstfeld, Ralf T. Rötter, Harry E. Hoster, and R. Jürgen Behm
17:45 O 59.62 Temperature-induced modifications of PdZn surface alloys on Pd(111) and first results for Ga on Pd(111) — •Werner Stadlmayr, Christoph Rameshan, Simon Penner, Berhard Klötzer, and Norbert Memmel
17:45 O 59.63 Transport-measurements of electro-chemically fabricated metallic contacts under laser illumination — •Bastian Kopp, Markus Schmotz, Daniel Benner, Christian Obermair, Fangqing Xie, Thomas Schimmel, Paul Leiderer, and Elke Scheer
17:45 O 59.64 Dealloying below the critical potential: Cu-Au and Cu-PdFrank Uwe Renner, •Shilan Meimandi, and Aparna Pareek
17:45 O 59.65 Atomic structures of absorbed Zn(ll) phthalocyanine on an iodide modified Cu(1 0 0) electrode — •Thanhhai Phan, Hahn Uwe, Thomas Torres, and Klaus Wandelt
17:45 O 59.66 Competitive Adsorption of Viologen Species on a Chloride Modified Copper (100) Surface — •Martino Saracino, Nguyen Thi Minh Hai, Peter Broekmann, and Klaus Wandelt
17:45 O 59.67 Deposition of thin films of Ionic Liquids - Access to the IL/Solid-interface — •Michael Stark, Till Cremer, Claudia Kolbeck, Florian Maier, Peter Wasserscheid, and Hans-Peter Steinrück
17:45 O 59.68 Structural transitions of heptyl viologen adlayers on Cu(1 0 0) – an electrochemical and in situ STM study — •Min Jiang, Knud Gentz, and Klaus Wandelt
17:45 O 59.69 Chemical Charaterization of Porphyrin Adsorbed on Anion Modified Copper Electrodes: An SXPS Study — •Stephan Breuer, Knud Gentz, Duc Thanh Pham, Thanh Hai Phan, Thomas Mayer, Peter Broekmann, and Klaus Wandelt
17:45 O 59.70 Electrospray Ion Beam Deposition of Molecules and Nanoparticles — •Gordon Rinke, Nicha Thontasen, Zhitao Deng, Nikola Malinowski, Stephan Rauschenbach, and Klaus Kern
17:45 O 59.71 Electronic properties of metal-organic coordination bonding — •Christoph Limbach, Robert Drost, Nils Henningsen, Riccardo Rurali, Katharina J. Franke, and Nacho Pascual
17:45 O 59.72 Ab initio investigation of surface adsorption phenomena: from pyridine gold complexes to larger systemDoreen Mollenhauer, Johannes Floß, •Elena Voloshina, and Beate Paulus
17:45 O 59.73 What encodes the diversity and ordering of self-organized monolayers? — •Carsten Rohr, Marta Balbás Gambra, Kathrin Gruber, Edwin C. Constable, Erwin Frey, Thomas Franosch, and Bianca A. Hermann
17:45 O 59.74 Hydrocarbon contamination of different ruthenium surface orientations — •Thanh-Nam Nguyen, Sina Gusenleitner, Marius Ernst, Holger Wetzstein, Dirk Ehm, and Friedrich Reinert
17:45 O 59.75 A Nanocalorimeter for Adsorption Studies of Organic Molecules — •H.-J. Drescher, F. Bebensee, O. Lytken, H.-P. Steinrück, and J. M. Gottfried
17:45 O 59.76 Electron Spectroscopy of Organic Heterointerfaces: SnPc/PTCDA/Ag(111) — •Michael Greif, Marc Häming, Michael Wießner, Achim Schöll, and Friedrich Reinert
17:45 O 59.77 Self-assembled metal-organic networks of tripyridyl-triazine on Au(111) and Cu(111) surfaces — •Hendrik Mohrmann, Christian Lotze, Katharina J. Franke, and Jose I. Pascual
17:45 O 59.78 Surface assisted oxidation of flat lying organic molecules - a real-time STM study — •Thomas Waldmann, Daniela Künzel, Michael Roos, Achim Breitruck, Harry E. Hoster, Axel Groß, and R. Jürgen Behm
17:45 O 59.79 Multi-molecular networks on Ag(111) displaying a novel bonding scheme — •Wolfgang Krenner, Dirk Kühne, Florian Klappenberger, Svetlana Klyatskaya, Mario Ruben, and Johannes V Barth
17:45 O 59.80 A photoelectron diffraction investigation of vanadyl phthalocyanine on Au(111)David Duncan, •Werner Unterberger, Tsenolo J. Lerotholi, Kirsty Hogan, Christine Lamont, and Phillip Woodruff
17:45 O 59.81 Thin vacuum deposited films of charge transfer compounds on the Au(111) surface investigated by SPA-LEED — •Benjamin Fiedler, Oliver Bauer, and Moritz Sokolowski
17:45 O 59.82 Investigation of self-sustained molecular wires — •Kerrin Dössel, Maya Lukas, Alexandrina Stuparu, Christophe Stroh, Karin Fink, Marcel Mayor, and Hilbert von Löhneysen
17:45 O 59.83 Cobalt porphyrin and phthalocyanine complexes on Ag(111) and Au(111): Interfacial coordination interactions — •Yun Bai, Martin Schmid, Michael Sekita, Thomas Bischof, Hans-Peter Steinrück, and Michael Gottfried
17:45 O 59.84 Substrate- and temperature-dependent adsorption studies of azobenzene molecules. — •Alex Krüger, Marten Piantek, Matthias Bernien, Felix Hermanns, Jorge Miguel, Klaus Hermann, and Wolfgang Kuch
17:45 O 59.85 Binding chemistry and interface dipole formation of dithiol-based monolayers on gold — •Philip Schulz, Christopher D Zangmeister, Dominik Meyer, Matthias Wuttig, and Roger D Van Zee
17:45 O 59.86 L-tyrosine on Ag(111): universality of the amino acid 2D zwitterionic bonding scheme? — •Joachim Reichert, Agustin Schiffrin, Willi Auwärter, Alexander Weber-Bargioni, Matthias Marschall, Martina Dell'Angela, Dean Cvetko, Gregor Bavdek, Albano Cossaro, Alberto Morgante, and Johannes V. Barth
17:45 O 59.87 Coordination networks of the charge transfer compounds TTF and TCNQ on Pb(111) — •Mario Konschake, Isabel Fernandez-Torrente, Katharina Franke, and Jose Ignacio Pascual
17:45 O 59.88 Porphyrin based molecular switches and quantum corralsFelix Bischoff, •Willi Auwärter, Knud Seufert, Daniel Heim, and Johannes V. Barth
17:45 O 59.89 Diffusion of 1,4-butanedithiol radicals on Au(111) and Au(100): A DFT-based comparisonAndreas Franke and •Eckhard Pehlke
17:45 O 59.90 STM study of the structual formation of C60 on a thiol tethered Au(111) surface — •Patrick Mehring, Axel Beimborn, and Carsten Westphal
17:45 O 59.91 Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Phthalocyanine Molecules on Insulating Films — •Christof Uhlmann, Ingmar Swart, Tobias Sonnleitner, and Jascha Repp
17:45 O 59.92 Morphology, geometric and electronic structure of ultra thin films of perylene bisimide dyes on Ag(111) — •Markus Scholz, Rüdiger Schmidt, Achim Schöll, Frank Würthner, and Friedrich Reinert
17:45 O 59.93 Impact of central metal atoms and F-substituents on the adsorption geometry of phthalocyanine molecules on Cu(111) — •Christoph Bürker, Takuya Hosokai, Alexander Gerlach, Steffen Duhm, Norbert Koch, Hiroyuki Yamane, and Frank Schreiber
17:45 O 59.94 "Unbinding" an adsorbed organic molecule: K plus PTCDA on Ag(110) — •Oliver Bauer, Giuseppe Mercurio, Sergey Subach, Christoph H. Schmitz, Benjamin Fiedler, Frank Stefan Tautz, and Moritz Sokolowski
17:45 O 59.95 Kondo effect on a mixed Na-TCNQ layer — •Tobias R. Umbach, Isabel Fernández-Torrente, Robert Drost, Jose I. Pascual, and Katharina J. Franke
17:45 O 59.96 DFT Studies on the Interaction of Sulfur with Transition Metal Surfaces — •Porntip Seema, Jörg Behler, and Dominik Marx
17:45 O 59.97 Vibrational Spectroscopy of Adsorbate Molecules on Roughened Cu(111)Heiner Maslosz, •Jan Pischel, Olaf Skibbe, and Annemarie Pucci
17:45 O 59.98 Interaction of Fe and Fe2O3 with H2O and CO — •Kai Volgmann, Anselm Hahn, Florian Voigts, and Wolfgang Maus-Friedrichs
17:45 O 59.99 Adsorption of CO on clean and oxidized Pt3Ti(111) — •Marco Moors, Séverine Le Moal, Jan Markus Essen, Conrad Becker, and Klaus Wandelt
17:45 O 59.100 Electron beam induced effects in ice on Pt(111) — •Daniel Schwarz, Herbert Wormeester, and Bene Poelsema
17:45 O 59.101 Particle Size Dependent Heat of Adsorption for CO on supported Pd Nanoparticles — •Jan-Henrik Fischer-Wolfarth, Jose Manuel Flores-Camacho, Jason Farmer, Charles Campbell, Jens Hartmann, Swetlana Schauermann, and Hans-Joachim Freund
17:45 O 59.102 Manipulation of the wetting layer of H2O on Pt(111) — •Sebastian Standop, Alex Redinger, Markus Morgenstern, Thomas Michely, and Carsten Busse
17:45 O 59.103 Formation of copper oxide surface structures via pulse injection of air onto Cu(111) surfaces — •Carmen Pérez León, Michael Marz, Christoph Sürgers, and Hilbert v. Löhneysen
17:45 O 59.104 Electronic structure of oxygen/W(110): photoemission studyMartin Weser, Alexander Generalov, Karsten Horn, and •Yuriy Dedkov
17:45 O 59.105 DFT studies on the hydrogen adsorption on Pt(111) and Pt(111)-hydride surfaces — •Fedir Strygunov and Timo Jacob
17:45 O 59.106 DFT Studies on the Oxygen Adsorption at Copper Surfaces — •Björn Hiller, Nongnuch Artrith, and Jörg Behler
17:45 O 59.107 Surface oxidation of planar and stepped Pt(111) surfaces studied by DFT — •Jochen Bandlow and Timo Jacob
17:45 O 59.108 Quantum kinetics of electrons at plasma boundaries — •Franz Xaver Bronold, Holger Fehske, Rafael Leslie Heinisch, and Johannes Marbach
17:45 O 59.109 Electron-induced emission of correlated electron pairs from Fe(001) — •Franz Giebels, Herbert Gollisch, and Roland Feder
17:45 O 59.110 Theoretical investigation of the InN/In2O3 interface — •Giancarlo Cicero, Antonio Aliano, and Alessandra Catellani
17:45 O 59.111 A quantum-mechanical study of ZnO and TiO2 based Dye Sensitized Solar Cells — •Giancarlo Cicero, Giuseppe Mallia, Leandro Liborio, and Nicholas M Harrison
17:45 O 59.112 Calculation of GW electronic structure for large systems : application to amorphous silica — •David Waroquiers, Matteo Giantomassi, Gian-Marco Rignanese, and Xavier Gonze
17:45 O 59.113 Optical switching of sodium nitroprussides — •Mirco Pötter, Mirco Imlau, and Michael Rohlfing
17:45 O 59.114 Influence of the XC Functional on Band Parameters of AlN, GaN and InN — •Luiz Claudio de Carvalho, Andre Schleife, Frank Fuchs, and Friedhelm Bechstedt
17:45 O 59.115 Non adiabatic effects in photo excited electronic states from ab initio Green’s function method — •Marcin Kaczmarski, Yuchen Ma, and MIchael Rohlfing
17:45 O 59.116 Optical spectra of AlN and CaO from first principles — •Arthur Riefer, Frank Fuchs, André Schleife, and Friedhelm Bechstedt
17:45 O 59.117 Ab initio study of structural stability of InAs nanowires — •Leila Salimi, Nahid Ghaderi, Seyed Javad Hashemifar, and Hadi Akbarzadeh
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