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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 27: Poster Session I (Methods: Scanning probe techniques; Methods: Atomic and electronic structure; Methods: Molecular simulations and statistical mechanics; Oxides and Insulators: Clean surfaces; Oxides and Insulators: Adsorption; Oxides and Insulators: Epitaxy and growth; Semiconductor substrates: Clean surfaces; Semiconductor substrates: Epitaxy and growth; Semiconductor substrates: Adsorption; Nano- optics of metallic and semiconducting nanostructures; Electronic structure; Methods: Electronic structure theory; Methods: other (experimental); Methods: other (theory); Solutions on surfaces; Epitaxial Graphene; Surface oder interface magnetism; Phase transitions; Time-resolved spectroscopies)

Dienstag, 24. März 2009, 18:30–21:00, P2

18:30 O 27.1 Design of an XSTM head for low temperature high magnetic field studies of III-V heterostructures — •Bruno Chilian, Jens Wiebe, and Roland Wiesendanger
18:30 O 27.2 A STM with a scan width from 500 microns down to subnanometers — •Fatih Kalkan and Karina Morgenstern
18:30 O 27.3 Characterization of Epitaxial Layers of Organic Molecules by Three-Dimensional Force- and Dissipation-Spectroscopy — •Gernot Langewisch, Daniel Braun, Harald Fuchs, and Andre Schirmeisen
18:30 O 27.4 Controlled Atmosphere High Temperature SPM for electrochemical measurements — •Nils Ohmer, Mogens Mogensen, Bjørn Johansen, and Torben Jacobsen
18:30 O 27.5 Development of a combined AFM-STM for measurements under transport conditions and at low temperatures — •Jan Raphael Bindel, Marcus Liebmann, and Markus Morgenstern
18:30 O 27.6 Force-field spectroscopy on KBr(001): Experiment and simulation — •Kai Ruschmeier, André Schirmeisen, and Regina Hoffmann
18:30 O 27.7 Indium microsoldering of graphene on silicon dioxide substrate — •Ann-Katrin Michel, Viktor Geringer, Tim Echtermeyer, Marcus Liebmann, and Markus Morgenstern
18:30 O 27.8 Controlled nanoparticle manipulation along defined vector pathways — •Michael Feldmann, Dirk Dietzel, and André Schirmeisen
18:30 O 27.9 Nanoscale charge transport measurements using a multi-tip scanning tunneling microscopePhilipp Jaschinsky, Jakob Wensorra, Mihail Ion Lepsa, and •Bert Voigtländer
18:30 O 27.10 s-SNOM from IR to the THz with tuned scatterers — •Hans-Georg von Ribbeck, Marc Tobias Wenzel, and Lukas Matthias Eng
18:30 O 27.11 High Order Field Emission Resonances on W(110) and Fe/W(110) studied by Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy — •Anika Emmenegger, Stefan Krause, André Kubetzka, Gabriela Herzog, and Roland Wiesendanger
18:30 O 27.12 Microscopically high speed friction measurements — •Fengzhen Zhang, Othmar Marti, Stefan Walheim, and Thomas Schimmel
18:30 O 27.13 Non-contact Atomic Force Spectroscopy using Field Ion Microscope characterized Tips — •Jens Falter, Daniel-Alexander Braun, Udo Schwarz, Hendrik Hölscher, André Schirmeisen, and Harald Fuchs
18:30 O 27.14 Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy at the [110]-[110] Cleaved Edge of GaAsS. Siewers, M. Wenderoth, L. Winking, •P. Kloth, and R. G. Ulbrich
18:30 O 27.15 Frictional properties of a mesoscopic contact with engineered surface roughness — •Johannes Sondhauß, Harald Fuchs, and André Schirmeisen
18:30 O 27.16 SFM manipulation techniques applied to graphene — •Stefan Eilers, Tobias Liebig, and Jürgen P. Rabe
18:30 O 27.17 Development of a Scanning Tunneling Microscope for measurements below 100mK — •Maximilian Assig, Fabian Zinser, Wolfgang Stiepany, Andreas Koch, Peter Andler, Christian R. Ast, and Klaus Kern
18:30 O 27.18 Eddy current microscopy — •Benedict Kleine Bußmann, Tino Roll, Marion Meier, and Marika Schleberger
18:30 O 27.19 Detecting resonant modes of plasmon-polaritons and phonon-polaritons using a NSThM — •David Hellmann, Achim Kittel, and Uli F. Wischnath
18:30 O 27.20 Near-field Scanning Thermal Microscope: From temperature to heat flow — •Ludwig Worbes, Uli F. Wischnath, and Achim Kittel
18:30 O 27.21 A Novel Scanning Tunneling Potentiometry Setup with Microvolt Resolution — •T. Druga, M. Wenderoth, M. A. Schneider, and R. G. Ulbrich
18:30 O 27.22 Studies towards Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering with Scanning Capability — •Seth White, Moritz Brendel, Peter Lemmens, Dietrich Wulferding, and Vladimir Gnezdilov
18:30 O 27.23 Mechanical and electronic characterization of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes by scanning probe microscopy — •Martin Bohrisch, Florian Szillat, Philipp Zeigermann, Hans Kleemann, and Bernd Schröter
18:30 O 27.24 New scan mode for the NSThM — •Lars Hoelzel, Uli F. Wischnath, and Achim Kittel
18:30 O 27.25 Infrared antennas for near-field microscopy and enhanced near-field spectroscopy — •Thomas Taubner, Mark Brongersma, and Jon Schuller
18:30 O 27.26 Ab initio investigation of the LiNbO3(0001) surface — •Simone Sanna, Alexander V. Gavrilenko, and Wolf Gero Schmidt
18:30 O 27.27 Auger spectroscopy of the ion neutralization at epitaxial transition metal surfaces — •Christian Tusche and Jürgen Kirschner
18:30 O 27.28 Ar gas discharge lamp with heated LiF window: A monochromatized light source for photoemissionMichael Budke, •Alexander Wittkowski, and Markus Donath
18:30 O 27.29 High-resolution electron gun for inverse photoemission — •Anna Zumbülte, Thomas Saerbeck, and Markus Donath
18:30 O 27.30 Simulation of photoelectron diffraction at high kinetic energies — •Aimo Winkelmann, Charles S. Fadley, and Javier Garcia de Abajo
18:30 O 27.31 (SP)VLEED: A spin-polarized very-low-energy electron-diffraction experiment — •Kathrin Wulff, Ulrich Burgbacher, Anke B. Schmidt, and Markus Donath
18:30 O 27.32 Liquid Interface Scattering Apparatus (LISA) for Petra III: Stability and Characterization — •Christian Koops, Bridget Murphy, Matthias Greve, Annika Elsen, Jochim Stettner, Oliver Seeck, and Olaf Magnussen
18:30 O 27.33 Liquid Interfaces Scattering Apparatus (LISA) for PETRA III: Design and Modelling — •Benjamin Runge, Bridget Murphy, Matthias Greve, Annika Elsen, Jochim Stettner, Oliver Seeck, and Olaf Magnussen
18:30 O 27.34 Coverage dependence of capture numbers in kinetic thin film growth and its impact on island size distributions — •Martin Körner, Mario Einax, and Philipp Maass
18:30 O 27.35 A High-Dimensional Neural Network Potential-Energy Surface for Zinc Oxide — •Nongnuch Artrith, Marcus Maschke, and Jörg Behler
18:30 O 27.36 The cross-linked (1×2) surface reconstruction of rutile TiO2 (110) — •Hans Hermann Pieper, Stephan Bahr, Stefan Torbrügge, and Michael Reichling
18:30 O 27.37 Acrolein decomposition on cerium-oxide model-catalysts: Correlation between structure and reactivity — •Jan Markus Essen, Conrad Becker, and Klaus Wandelt
18:30 O 27.38 Correlation between structural and optical properties of PTCDA monolayers on NaCl/Ag(100) — •Mathias Müller, Eric Le Moal, Oliver Bauer, and Moritz Sokolowski
18:30 O 27.39 The local adsorption structure of glycine on TiO2(110)T J Lerotholi, W Unterberger, E A Kröger, M Knight, D J Jackson, •D Kreikemeyer Lorenzo, K Hogan, C Lamont, and D P Woodruff
18:30 O 27.40 DFT study of TMA on Rutile TiO2(110) — •Andreas Greuling, Philipp Rahe, and Michael Rohlfing
18:30 O 27.41 Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Phthalocyanine Molecules on Insulating Films — •Christof Uhlmann, Maurice Ziola, Niko Pavliček, Tobias Sonnleitner, Gerhard Meyer, and Jascha Repp
18:30 O 27.42 Investigation of the adsorption of CO and simple alcohols on the Rutile(110) surface with He atom scattering and spectroscopic methods — •David Silber, Martin Kunat, Franziska Traeger, Hengshan Qui, Yuemin Wang, Christof Wöll, Piotr Kowalski, Bernd Meyer, and Christof Hättig
18:30 O 27.43 Preparation and Investigation of one-dimensional ZnO nanostructures using the CVD process — •Patricia Thomasen, Yong Lei, and Gerhard Wilde
18:30 O 27.44 The growth of ultrathin Praseodymia films on passivated highly boron-doped Si(111) surfaces — •Sebastian Gevers, Daniel Bruns, Florian Bertram, Timo Kuschel, Martin Suendorf, Lars Boewer, Christian Sternemann, Michael Paulus, and Joachim Wollschläger
18:30 O 27.45 The growth of ultrathin Praseodymia films on passivated highly boron-doped Si(111) surfaces — •Sebastian Gevers, Daniel Bruns, Florian Bertram, Timo Kuschel, Martin Suendorf, Lars Boewer, Christian Sternemann, Michael Paulus, and Joachim Wollschlaeger
18:30 O 27.46 Epitaxial Europiumoxide on Ni(100) — •Daniel F. Foerster, Jürgen Klinkhammer, Carsten Busse, and Thomas Michely
18:30 O 27.47 Structure and morphology of epitaxial manganese oxide films on Ag(001) — •Klaus Meinel, Michael Huth, Sebastian Polzin, Konrad Gillmeister, and Wolf Widdra
18:30 O 27.48 STM study of the structure and morphology of TiO2 thin films epitaxially grown on Re(1010) — •Sebastian Schwede, Susanne Schubert, Wilhelmine Kudernatsch, and Klaus Christmann
18:30 O 27.49 Vanadium oxide films on W(110) and on natively oxidized Si: flat and nanostructured model catalysts — •Benjamin Borkenhagen, Jöran Bauchrowitz, Gerhard Lilienkamp, and Winfried Daum
18:30 O 27.50 SPA-LEED investigations on highly boron-doped Si(111) Surfaces after annealing in UHV — •Daniel Bruns, Sebastian Gevers, Timo Kuschel, Florian Bertram, Martin Suendorf, Thomas Weisemoeller, Gregor Steinhoff, and Joachim Wollschlaeger
18:30 O 27.51 Decomposition of the Si(111)-2×1 Surface Reconstruction at Room Temperature: an STM Study — •Thomas K. A. Spaeth, Martin Wenderoth, Karolin Löser, Jens K. Garleff, and Rainer G. Ulbrich
18:30 O 27.52 Direct measurement of surface stress anisotropy on Si(100) surfaces by means of SSIOD and homoepitaxial growth — •Friedrich Klasing and Michael Horn-von Hoegen
18:30 O 27.53 Surface Characterisation of GaSb-films grown by MOCVD — •Andreas Seemayer, Alexander Hommes, Sascha Hümann, Dirk Vogel, Stephan Schulz, and Klaus Wandelt
18:30 O 27.54 The influence of diffusion anisotropy and strain on Ag nanowire formation on flat and vicinal Si(001) — •Dirk Wall, Simon Sindermann, Michael Horn-von Hoegen, and Frank-Joachim Meyer zu Heringdorf
18:30 O 27.55 Metal induced faceting of Si (112) — •Tobias Nabbefeld, Christian Wiethoff, Frank-Joachim Meyer zu Heringdorf, and Michael Horn-von Hoegen
18:30 O 27.56 2D electrical conductivity in the Bi(111) surface state — •Hichem Hattab, Giriraj Jnawali, Thorsten Wagner, Rolf Möller, and Michael Horn-von Hoegen
18:30 O 27.57 Angle-resolved inverse photoemission of the H-etched 6H-SiC(0001) surface — •Nabi Aghdassi, Ralf Ostendorf, and Helmut Zacharias
18:30 O 27.58 Preparation and Characterization of Gold Micro-Crystals on an artificial SiO2-Layer on SiliconJawad Slieh, •Andreas Winter, Armin Brechling, Wiebke Hachmann, and Ulrich Heinzmann
18:30 O 27.59 FTIR-Spectroscopy of MOCVD-Prepared Silicon (100) — •Peter Kleinschmidt, Anja Dobrich, Henning Döscher, Sebastian Brückner, Christian Höhn, and Thomas Hannappel
18:30 O 27.60 In-situ RAS analysis of homo- and hetero-epitaxial GaP(100) surfaces grown by MOVPE — •Henning Döscher, Sebastian Brückner, and Thomas Hannappel
18:30 O 27.61 Comparision on the local adsorption of cyclopentene and benzene on Si(100) — •Daniel Weier, Tobias Lühr, Axel Beimborn, Anja Wadewitz, and Carsten Westphal
18:30 O 27.62 Band bending via H2O adsorption on titanium dichalcogenide surfaces — •Stephan Thürmer, Alexander Paulheim, Lenart Dudy, Beate Müller, Hendrik Vita, Christoph Janowitz, and Recardo Manzke
18:30 O 27.63 A spectroscopy study of water adsorption on diamond surfaces — •Simon Quartus Lud, Dominique Verreault, Patrick Koelsch, Martin Huth, Bert Nickel, Hendrik Bluhm, John Newberg, Martin Stutzmann, and Jose Antonio Garrido
18:30 O 27.64 HR-EELS and STM study of organic molecules on Si(001) — •Bochra Boughaled Ellakhmissi and Ulrich Köhler
18:30 O 27.65 Investigation of antenna resonances for SERS in the near infrared — •Daniel Weber, Frank Neubrech, Christina Bauer, Annemarie Pucci, and Harald Giessen
18:30 O 27.66 attosecond technology towards combining ultrahigh spatiotemporal resolution * nanoplasmonic optical field microscopy — •jingquan lin, adrian wirth, soo chew, nils weber, michael merkel, matthias kling, mark stockman, ferenc krausz, and ulf kleineberg
18:30 O 27.67 Near Field Distribution of Nanostructures with Electromagnetic Coupling — •Pascal Melchior, Martin Rohmer, Christian Schneider, Daniela Bayer, Alexander Fischer, Mirko Cinchetti, Daniel Benner, Johannes Boneberg, Paul Leiderer, and Martin Aeschlimann
18:30 O 27.68 Coupling of Single NV-Centres to Surface Plasmons — •Merle Becker, Bernhard Grotz, Gopalakrishnan Balasubramanian, Roman Kolesov, Fedor Jelezko, and Jörg Wrachtrup
18:30 O 27.69 Time-Resolved Near-Field Microscopy of Acoustic Vibrations — •Thorsten Schumacher, Markus Lippitz, Ralf Vogelgesang, Jens Dorfmüller, and Klaus Kern
18:30 O 27.70 Analysis Tools for Time-Resolved Two-Photon Photoelectron Microscopy of Excitations in Metal NanostructuresMartin Aeschlimann, Michael Bauer, Daniela Bayer, Tobias Brixner, Stefan Cunovic, Frank Dimler, Alexander Fischer, Walter Pfeiffer, Martin Rohmer, Christian Schneider, Felix Steeb, •Christian Strüber, and Dmitri V. Voronine
18:30 O 27.71 3D-Nanofocusing through the superposition of dipole radiation from second-harmonic emitters — •Philipp Reichenbach, Phillip Olk, and Lukas Eng
18:30 O 27.72 Evaluation of near-field enhanced Raman spectroscopy on industrial silicon structures — •Benjamin Uhlig, Jens-Hendrik Zollondz, Martin Haberjahn, Peter Kücher, and Lukas M. Eng
18:30 O 27.73 Calculation of optical near and far fields at metal-semiconductor hybrids — •Patrick Scholz, Stephan Schwieger, David Leipold, and Erich Runge
18:30 O 27.74 Time- and energy resolved photoelectron emission microscopy on micro- and nanostructured samples — •Christian Schneider, Martin Rohmer, Daniela Bayer, Pascal Melchior, and Martin Aeschlimann
18:30 O 27.75 Tip-Enhanced Optical Microscopy of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes — •Carsten Georgi, Miriam Böhmler, Huihong Qian, Lukas Novotny, and Achim Hartschuh
18:30 O 27.76 Metamaterial Bragg-Stacks — •Ralf Ameling and Harald Giessen
18:30 O 27.77 Metamaterial Biosensors — •Martin Mesch, Zhaolu Diao, Na Liu, and Harald Giessen
18:30 O 27.78 New designs of scanning nearfield optical microscopy probes for the time resolved investigation of nanostructures — •Marc Salomo, Bernhard Schaaf, Daniela Bayer, Martin Aeschlimann, and Egbert Oesterschulze
18:30 O 27.79 Spectroscopy of superconducting V3Si(001) in tunneling and contact regimeNadine Hauptmann, •Michael Becker, Jörg Kröger, and Richard Berndt
18:30 O 27.80 Controlling the Kondo Effect in CoCun Clusters Atom by AtomNicolas Néel, •Jörg Kröger, Richard Berndt, Tim Wehling, Alexander Lichtenstein, and Mikhail Katsnelson
18:30 O 27.81 Thin epitaxial Bi(111) films on Si(111) studied by ARPES — •Holger Schwab, Hendrik Bentmann, Frank Forster, Luca Moreschini, Marco Grioni, and Friedrich Reinert
18:30 O 27.82 Spin-resolved inverse photoemission experiments on Ni/GaAs(001) — •Christian Eibl, André Berken, Manuel Prätorius, Anke B. Schmidt, and Markus Donath
18:30 O 27.83 Comparison of angular resolved photoemission on Pt(110) with DFT bulk band calculations — •Alexander Menzel, Christian Braun, Peter Amann, and Erminald Bertel
18:30 O 27.84 Electronic fine structures of perfluoropentacene films by ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy — •Shunsuke Hosoumi, Shinichi Nagamatsu, Satoshi Kera, and Nobuo Ueno
18:30 O 27.85 Tunneling Spectroscopy of nanoporous networks - comparison of experiment and modelization — •Wolfgang Krenner, Dirk Kühne, Florian Klappenberger, Iñaki Silanes, Andres Arnau, Javier García de Abajo, Svetlana Klyatskaya, Mario Ruben, and Johannes Barth
18:30 O 27.86 Implementation of the HSE functional in the FLAPW method — •Martin Schlipf, Christoph Friedrich, and Stefan Blügel
18:30 O 27.87 In situ Epitaxy and Catalysis at the High Resolution Diffraction Beamline at PETRA III — •Carsten Deiter and Oliver H. Seeck
18:30 O 27.88 Improved determination of the IMFP by extracting the optimum loss function from EELS — •Tina Graber, Frank Forster, Achim Schöll, and Friedrich Reinert
18:30 O 27.89 Soft x-ray standing wave excited photoemission experiments on Si/MoSi2 multilayer mirrors — •Frank Schönbohm, Sven Döring, Daniel Weier, Ulf Berges, Felix Lehmkühler, Charles S. Fadley, and Carsten Westphal
18:30 O 27.90 Prozessoptimierung der Sputterstrategie von fokussierten Bi-Ionenstrahlen mit Standard ”Focused Ion Beam - FIB” Anlagen. — •Rüdiger Schott, Paul Mazarov, Rolf Wernhardt und Andreas D. Wieck
18:30 O 27.91 Vielkanal-Spindetektion von niederenergetischen Elektronen — •Michaela Hahn, Pavel Lushchyk, Gerd Schönhense, Andreas Oelsner, Daniel Panzer, Alexander Krasyuk und Jürgen Kirschner
18:30 O 27.92 Electrospray Ion Beam Deposition and in-situ Analysis of Functional Molecules — •Zhitao Deng, Nicha Thontasen, Christian Michaelis, Nikola Malinowski, Stephan Rauschenbach, and Klaus Kern
18:30 O 27.93 High resolution positron annihilation induced Auger spectroscopy on copper — •Jakob Mayer, Klaus Schreckenbach, and Christoph Hugenschmidt
18:30 O 27.94 Reconstruction of surface morphology from coherent scattering of white x-ray radiation — •Tushar Sant and Ullrich Pietsch
18:30 O 27.95 Unifit 2009 - Spectrum Processing, Analysis and Presentation Software for Photoelectron Spectra — •Ronald Hesse, Peter Streubel, Rüdiger Szargan, and Reinhard Denecke
18:30 O 27.96 Surface sturcutre of inorganic salt solutions — •Tobias Hammer, Manuela Reichelt, and Harald Morgner
18:30 O 27.97 Surface Structure of Imidazolium Based Ionic Liquids — •Manuela Reichelt, Tobias Hammer, and Harald Morgner
18:30 O 27.98 Surface Structure of Imidazolium Based Ionic Liquids — •Manuela Reichelt, Tobias Hammer, and Harald Morgner
18:30 O 27.99 Graphene-protected iron layer on Ni(111) — •Yuriy Dedkov, Mikhail Fonin, Ulrich Rüdiger, and Clemens Laubschat
18:30 O 27.100 STM growth study of epitaxial graphene on SiC(0001) — •Anne Majerus, Viktor Geringer, Sven Runte, Marcus Liebmann, and Markus Morgenstern
18:30 O 27.101 How does graphene grow? Easy access to well-ordered graphene monolayers — •Frank Müller, Hermann Sachdev, Stefan Hüfner, Andrew J. Pollard, Edward W. Perkins, James C. Russell, Peter H. Beton, Stefan Gsell, Matthias Schreck, and Bernd Stritzker
18:30 O 27.102 Low-temperature elastic and inelastic Scanning Tunnelling Spectroscopy on monolayer graphene on SiC — •Carsten Tröppner, Norbert Maurer, Florian Speck, Thomas Seyller, and M. Alexander Schneider
18:30 O 27.103 Comparative study of graphene films on two hexagonal SiC surfaces produced in different environments — •K.V. Emtsev, T. Ohta, Th. Seyller, L. Ley, A. Bostwick, K. Horn, G. Kellog, J.L. McChesney, E. Rotenberg, and A.K. Schmid
18:30 O 27.104 Preparation and investigation of graphene on Rh(111) — •Ole Zander, Mikhail Fonin, Sönke Voss, Ulrich Rüdiger, and Yuri S. Dedkov
18:30 O 27.105 Atomic Layer Deposition of Aluminum Oxide Films on Graphite and Graphene — •Florian Speck, Markus Ostler, Jonas Röhrl, Konstantin V. Emtsev, Lothar Ley, and Thomas Seyller
18:30 O 27.106 Spin dependent surface barrier resonance studied by spin-polarized electron energy loss spectroscopyYu Zhang, Jacek Prokop, Ioan Tudosa, Wen Xin Tang, •Thiago R. F. Peixoto, Khalil Zakeri, and Jürgen Kirschner
18:30 O 27.107 Magnetism of Rh nano-structures on inert Xe buffer layers and in contact with Ag(100) surfaces — •violetta sessi, jian zhang, klaus kuhnke, carsten tieg, axel enders, jan honolka, and klaus kern
18:30 O 27.108 n-Alkanes in Tubular Nanochannels: Phase Transition Behaviour and Capillary Filling — •Daniel Rau, Patrick Huber, and Oskar Paris
18:30 O 27.109 The Limits of Nanomechanical Applications of Shape Memory Alloys: An Optical Approach — •Andreas Kolloch, Johannes Boneberg, and Paul Leiderer
18:30 O 27.110 Time-resolved spectroscopy beyond optical wavelengthsRobert Carley, •Kristian Döbrich, Cornelius Gahl, Martin Teichmann, Kai Godehusen, Olaf Schwarzkopf, Philippe Wernet, Frank Noack, and Martin Weinelt
18:30 O 27.111 Femtosecond electron dynamics in atomic wires: Si(557)-Au — •Kerstin Biedermann, Tilman K. Rügheimer, Thomas Fauster, and Franz J. Himpsel
18:30 O 27.112 Themis1000 - A new analyzer for three dimensional measurements — •Jens Kopprasch, Martin Teichmann, Oliver Schaff, Sven Mähl, and Martin Weinelt
18:30 O 27.113 Time-, energy- and angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of surface dynamics using femtosecond XUV pulses — •Frederik Deicke, Stefan Mathias, Andreas Ruffing, Luis Miaja-Avila, Margaret Murnana, Henry Kapteyn, Michael Bauer, and Martin Aeschlimann
18:30 O 27.114 Space Charge Effects in the Photoemission Electron Microscope — •Jan Göhre, Niemma M. Buckanie, Ping Zhou, Dietrich von der Linde, Michael Horn-von Hoegen, and Frank-J. Meyer zu Heringdorf
18:30 O 27.115 Time resolved core level photoelectron spectroscopy for investigation of femto- and picosecond dynamics of iodophenylphenol monolayers on silicon — •Martin Michelswirth, Hatem Dachraoui, Christian Schäfer, Björn Schnatwinkel, Walter Pfeiffer, Markus Drescher, Jochen Mattay, and Ulrich Heinzmann
18:30 O 27.116 Performance of the XUV split-and-delay line at the free-electron laser in Hamburg — •Florian Sorgenfrei, Torben Beeck, Martin Beye, Alexander Föhlisch, Mitsuru Nagasono, Bill Schlotter, and Wilfried Wurth
18:30 O 27.117 Ultrafast Excitation and Deexcitation Dynamics of Adsorbates on Si-Surfaces: A Time Resolved Electron Diffraction Study — •Simone Möllenbeck, Anja Hanisch-Blicharski, Tobias Pelka, Paul Schneider, Martin Kammler, Boris Krenzer, and Michael Horn-von Hoegen
18:30 O 27.118 The cooling process on a picosecond timescale: from bulk to monolayerAnja Hanisch-Blicharski, •Simone Möllenbeck, Tobias Pelka, Paul Schneider, Martin Kammler, Boris Krenzer, and Michael Horn-von Hoegen
18:30 O 27.119 Nanosecond time-resolved measurements of acoustic waves — •Fabian Kneier, Tobias Geldhauser, Johannes Boneberg, and Paul Leiderer
18:30 O 27.120 Dynamics of electron transport at the PTCDA/Ag(111)-interface studied with time-resolved 2PPE — •Christian Schwalb, Sönke Sachs, Manuel B. Marks, Achim Schöll, Eberhard Umbach, and Ulrich Höfer
18:30 O 27.121 Momentum-Resolved Dynamics of Electrons in Image-Potential States on Ag(111) and Cu(111) — •A. Damm, K. Schubert, S.V. Eremeev, A.G. Borisov, E.V. Chulkov, P.M. Echenique, J. Güdde, and U. Höfer
18:30 O 27.122 Non-perturbative approach to photoemission by direct simulation of photo-currents — •Henning Husser, Jan van Heys, and Eckhard Pehlke
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