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BP: Fachverband Biologische Physik

BP 15: Postersession III

Dienstag, 13. März 2018, 14:00–16:00, Poster B

Topics: Membranes and Vesicles (15.1–15.18), Bioimaging (15.19–15.44), Biospectroscopy (15.45–15.51), Computational Biophysics (15.52–15.73), Statistical Physics of Biological Systems (15.75–15.84), Microswimmers (15.85–15.91), Active Matter (15.92–15.99), Statistical Physics-Based Methods in Molecular Evolution (15.100–15.101), Physics of Microbial Systems (15.102)

14:00 BP 15.1 Microcapsule suspension characterisation and manipulation — •Pierre-Yves Gires
14:00 BP 15.2 The Role of Lipids in Membrane Docking and Pore Formation of Pneumolysin — •Martin Vögele, Ramachandra Bhaskara, Katharina van Pee, Özkan Yildiz, Werner Kühlbrandt, and Gerhard Hummer
14:00 BP 15.3 Structural changes of lung surfactant Langmuir films in contact with compressed fluorocarbon gases — •Susanne Dogan, Michael Paulus, Julia Nase, Steffen Bieder, and Metin Tolan
14:00 BP 15.4 Elasticity Measurements of Chloroplast Membranes — •Maike Jung and Friederike Schmid
14:00 BP 15.5 The interaction of viral fusion peptides with model lipid membranes — •Göran Surmeier, Michael Paulus, Susanne Dogan, Yury Forov, Mirko Elbers, Paul Salmen, Metin Tolan, and Julia Nase
14:00 BP 15.6 A theoretical model of surfactant systems in computer simulations — •Simon Raschke and Andreas Heuer
14:00 BP 15.7 Temperature Induced Structural Evolution of DMPC-Saponin-Mixtures: From Bicellar to Vesicular Structures — •Carina Dargel, Aurel Radulescu, and Thomas Hellweg
14:00 BP 15.8 Surface micelles in lipid monolayers in the LE phase — •Florian Gellert, Renko Kensbock, Heiko Ahrens, and Christiane A. Helm
14:00 BP 15.9 Effect of Membrane Mediated Forces on Protein Organization — •Henning Stumpf and Ana-Sunčana Smith
14:00 BP 15.10 Lipid nucleic acid nanoparticles (LNPs) for delivery of single-stranded antisense oligonucleotides and targeted gene silencing — •Nicola Kerschbaumer, Rafal Krzyszton, and Joachim Rädler
14:00 BP 15.11 Radio Frequency Detection of Single Particles in Micorfluidic Circuits — •Marcel Hoeft
14:00 BP 15.12 Floating Lipid Bilayers at the Liquid/Liquid interface — •Ernesto Scoppola, Ignacio Rodriguez-Loureiro, Samantha Micciulla, Lucas Kuhrts, Richard Campbell, Oleg Konovalov, Giovanna Fragneto, and Emanuel Schneck
14:00 BP 15.13 Synergetic Effects of a Cationic Surfactant and Alcohol in Antibacterial Function — •Judith Thoma, Wasim Abuillan, Ippei Furikado, Shigeto Inoue, Thomas Gutsmann, Klaus Brandenburg, Oleg Konovalov, and Motomu Tanaka
14:00 BP 15.14 Influence of phospholipid membranes on Beta2GPI conformation — •Peter Nestler, Ina Buchholz, and Mihaela Delcea
14:00 BP 15.15 Dynamic Optical Displacement Spectroscopy to Explore Ultrafast Bio-Membrane Dynamics — •Cornelia Monzel, Daniel Schmidt, Ana-Suncana Smith, Udo Seifert, Kheya Sengupta, and Rudolf Merkel
14:00 BP 15.16 Study of elastic modulus of phospholipid bilayers — •MJ Retamal, R Catalan, M Cisternas, N Moraga, D Diaz, TP Corrales, M Busch, P Huber, M Soto-Arriaza, and UG Volkmann
14:00 BP 15.17 Thin-film composite membrane characterization by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy — •Marcel Dickmann, Rhea Verbeke, Tönjes Koschine, Werner Egger, Ivo Vankelecom, and Christoph Hugenschmidt
14:00 BP 15.18 End of Cooperativity: Chain Exchange Kinetics in Mixed Polymeric Micelles with Partially Crystalline Cores — •Nico König, Lutz Willner, Thomas Zinn, Vitaliy Pipich, and Reidar Lund
14:00 BP 15.19 Segmentation of dark field images from scanning X-ray micro-diffraction — •Chiara Cassini, Andrew Wittmeier, Manfred Burghammer, and Sarah Köster
14:00 BP 15.20 Cyclic Olefin Copolymer as an X-ray Compatible Material for Microfluidic Devices — •Manuela Denz, Gerrit Brehm, and Sarah Köster
14:00 BP 15.21 Lentiviral infection leads to blue fluorescent labeling of cancer cells — •Lorena Hentschel, Maja Strugacevac, Constanze Wiek, Julia Kristin, Marcel Glaas, Jörg Schipper, and Mathias Getzlaff
14:00 BP 15.22 Soft-landing of folded proteins by ES-IBD for imaging — •Sven Szilagyi, Hannah Ochner, Lukas Krumbein, Joseph Gault, Albert Konijnenberg, Esther Martin, Justin Benesch, Frank Sobott, Carol Robinson, Sabine Abb, Stephan Rauschenbach, and Klaus Kern
14:00 BP 15.23 Low Energy Electron Holography as a tool for imaging single proteins at high resolution — •Hannah Ochner, Sven Szilagyi, Wolfgang Stiepany, Peter Andler, Marko Memmler, Sabine Abb, Stephan Rauschenbach, and Klaus Kern
14:00 BP 15.24 Functionalizing AFM probes with fluorescent nanodiamonds for multimodal spectroscopy approaches — •Frederike Erb, Thomas Reisser, Fedor Jelezko, and Kay-E. Gottschalk
14:00 BP 15.25 Distance sensing using Metal Induced Energy Transfer (MIET) — •Fabian Port and Kay-E. Gottschalk
14:00 BP 15.26 X-ray Imaging of DNA Compaction During the Cell Cycle — •Andrew Wittmeier, Mareike Töpperwien, Clément Hémonnot, and Sarah Köster
14:00 BP 15.27 An integrated platform for rapid semi-confocal imaging and spatially resolved fluctuation microscopy — •Adal Sabri, Andreas Veres, and Matthias Weiss
14:00 BP 15.28 Assessing the Spatial Heterogeneity of Crowding in Living Cells — •Claudia Donth and Matthias Weiss
14:00 BP 15.29 A comparison of quantitative diffusion measurement techniques in a light sheet microscope — •Philipp Struntz and Matthias Weiss
14:00 BP 15.30 Tracking network dynamics and topology of the endoplasmic reticulum — •Konstantin Speckner, Lorenz Stadler, and Matthias Weiss
14:00 BP 15.31 Growth dynamics of interphase nuclei during the early embryogenesis of Caenorhabditis elegans — •Rolf Fickentscher, Akatsuki Kimura, Tomoko Ozawa, and Matthias Weiss
14:00 BP 15.32 Photonic Force Microscopy (PFM) on cell cultures — •Lilian Weißer, Tobias Neckernuss, Othmar Marti, and Heinrich Hörber
14:00 BP 15.33 High-speed imaging of rotational diffusion of a gold nanorod on a supported lipid bilayer — •Mahdi Mazaheri and Vahid Sandoghdar
14:00 BP 15.34 Quantitative phase imaging by focus series reconstruction on non-stained tissue — •Katharina Blessing, Alberto Eljarrat, Simone Gehrer, Christoph T. Koch, and Ana-Sunčana Smith
14:00 BP 15.35 Design and Instrumentation of an Opto-digital Confocal Microscope — •Berk Zengin, Adnan Kurt, and Alper Kiraz
14:00 BP 15.36 High throughput optical measurement device for suspended cells and particles — •Daniel Geiger, Tobias Neckernuss, Jonas Pfeil, Markus Sporer, Stefan Reich, and Othmar Marti
14:00 BP 15.37 Acoustophoresis: A powerful application in microfluidics for focussing and sorting microparticles — •Toni Schildhauer, Thomas Henkel, and J. Michael Köhler
14:00 BP 15.38 Monitoring activity of stem-cell derived cardiac pacemaker cells by scanning ion conductance microscopyLennart Groß, Julia Jeannine Jung, •Regina Lange, Christian Völkner, Sven Kraft, Ingo Barke, Christian Rimmbach, Gustav Steinhoff, Robert David, and Sylvia Speller
14:00 BP 15.39 Motion artifact compensation in optical mapping studies with motion by combining marker-free tracking and ratiometric imaging — •Vineesh Kappadan, Johannes Schröder-Schetelig, Ulrich Parlitz, Stefan Luther, and Jan Christoph
14:00 BP 15.40 Qualitative detection, control and analysis of red blood cells (RBC) in a microfluidic channel by a commercially available 650 nm DVD laser pickup — •Max von Witzleben and Stefan Breuer
14:00 BP 15.41 Cost-efficient and compact Digital Inline Holographic Microscope (DIHM) enabling micrometer resolution for red blood cell analysis — •Stephan Amann, Max von Witzleben, Markus Susenburger, Zinan Liu, and Stefan Breuer
14:00 BP 15.42 Optical detection, control and analysis of plastic microspheres in a microfluidic channel by a semiconductor laser — •Max von Witzleben, Florian Bödicker, and Stefan Breuer
14:00 BP 15.43 Detecting intracellular-changes below the optical resolution limit to investigate inflammation. — •Florian Schock, Jan Neumann, Anna Lena Leifke, Ulrich Pöschl, Kurt Lucas, and Christoph Cremer
14:00 BP 15.44 Fast Correlative Optical Tweezers-Fluorescence Microscopy (CTFM) for the study of dynamic molecular processes — •Philipp Rauch, Jordi Cabanas-Danés, Rosalie Driessen, Gerrit Sitters, and Andrea Candelli
14:00 BP 15.45 Mechanical properties of membranes under asymmetric buffer conditions — •Marzie Karimi, Jan Steinkühler, Debjit Roy, Reinhard Lipowsky Mitra, and Rumiana Dimova
14:00 BP 15.46 Photoinduced processes of free bilins in solution: fs TA absorption spectroscopy on phycocyanobilin and biliverdin IXα — •Maximilian Theiß, Tilman Lamparter, Maria Andrea Mroginski, and Rolf Diller
14:00 BP 15.47 Adjustment of pulsed laser radiation for strob oscopic exp eriments — •Stefan Krüger, Tobias Löffler, Maja Strugacevac, Julia Kristin, Constanze Wiek, Jörg Schipper und Mathias Getzlaff
14:00 BP 15.48 Analysis of photoinduced processes of the cyanophage-encoded phycobiliprotein Lyase ΦCpeT:PEB using femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy — •Christopher Carlein, Maximilian Theiß, Natascha Riedel, Nicole Frankenberg-Dinkel, and Rolf Diller
14:00 BP 15.49 Dielectrophoretic characterization of E. coli membrane integrity under influence of organic solvents — •Armin Grundmann, Marco Radukic, Harald Gröger, Dario Anselmetti, and Martina Viefhues
14:00 BP 15.50 Label-free microfluidics using electrical impedance spectroscopy — •Armin Grundmann, Dario Anselmetti, and Martina Viefhues
14:00 BP 15.51 Efficient coupling between phycobilisomes, chlorophyll a and far red light induced chlorophyll f in the cyanobacterium Halomicronema hongdechloris — •Züleyha Yenice Campbell, Franz-Josef Schmitt, Mai Vi Bui, and Thomas Friedrich
14:00 BP 15.52 Combination of Monte-Carlo simulations and experimental results to determine the microscopic energy depoit at DNA — •Marc Benjamin Hahn, Tihomir Solomun, and Heinz Sturm
14:00 BP 15.53 Developing a coarse-grained potential for double-stranded RNA from quantum-mechanical calculations — •Sergio Cruz-León, Álvaro Vázquez-Mayagoitia, Nadine Schwierz, and Maria Fyta
14:00 BP 15.54 Exploiting ecology in drug pulse sequences in favour of population reductionMarianne Bauer, •Isabella Graf, Vudtiwat Ngampruetikorn, Greg Stephens, and Erwin Frey
14:00 BP 15.55 De Novo Protein Structure Prediciton by Integration of Coevolutionary Data into Replica Exchange Simulations — •Arthur Voronin and Alexander Schug
14:00 BP 15.56 MaxEnt-Stress Graph Drawing in Protein Structure Determination — •Oskar Taubert and Alexander Schug
14:00 BP 15.57 Modelling Chemotaxis of swarm search — •Zeinab Sadjadi and Heiko Rieger
14:00 BP 15.58 Evolution on multiple scales - merging evolution and dispersal on landscape scales — •Michaela Hamm and Barbara Drossel
14:00 BP 15.59 Hydrodynamic mobility functions near elastic interfaces — •Abdallah Daddi-Moussa-Ider, Maciej Lisicki, and Stephan Gekle
14:00 BP 15.60 Investigation of an evolutionary foodweb model on a large lattice of habitats — •Johannes Reinhard, Tobias Rogge, and Babara Drossel
14:00 BP 15.61 DPD with Energy Conservation Simulation of Thermophoretic Particle — •Fatemeh A. Soleymani, Dmitry Fedosov, Marisol Ripoll, and Gerhard Gompper
14:00 BP 15.62 Adsorption Simulations of Plasma Proteins on Silica Surfaces — •Timo Schäfer, Friederike Schmid, and Giovanni Settanni
14:00 BP 15.63 Subthreshold signal encoding in coupled FitzHugh-Nagumo neurons — •Maria Masoliver and Cristina Masoller
14:00 BP 15.64 Mean field coarse-grained modeling of Protein Folding in Complex Lasso structures — •Claudio Perego and Raffaello Potestio
14:00 BP 15.65 The Alignment of the Malaria Parasite Before Invasion — •Sebastian Hillringhaus, Gerhard Gompper, and Dmitry A. Fedosov
14:00 BP 15.66 Numerische Untersuchung der Dielektrophorese zur Separation von Mikroalgen — •Fabian Gringel, Vinzenz Abt, Peter Neubauer und Mario Birkholz
  14:00 BP 15.67 The contribution has been withdrawn (duplicate of BP 15.68).
14:00 BP 15.68 Computational Simulation of Tissue Engineered Heart Repair — •Moritz Kalhöfer-Köchling, Yong Wang, Martin Uecker, Jens Frahm, Wolfram Zimmermann, and Eberhard Bodenschatz
14:00 BP 15.69 The effects of polar co-solutes on the hydration interaction between lipid bilayers — •Amanuel Wolde-Kidan, Quoc Dat Pham, Emanuel Schneck, Emma Sparr, and Roland Netz
14:00 BP 15.70 Molecular Dynamics Simulation of SIM-SUMO complexes — •Alexander Kötter and Andreas Heuer
14:00 BP 15.71 Synchronization-based reconstruction of cardiac electrical wave dynamics from mechanical deformation — •Jan Lebert, Ulrich Parlitz, Stefan Luther, and Jan Christoph
14:00 BP 15.72 Optogenetic modeling of murine ventricular cardiomyocytes — •Sayedeh Hussaini, Claudia Richter, and Stefan Luther
14:00 BP 15.73 Adding curvature to the vertex model of the Drosophila imaginal wing development. — •Joris Paijmans
14:00 BP 15.74 Efficiency and sensory capacity of molecular sensors with thermal noise — •Andreas Ehrmann, David Hartich, and Udo Seifert
14:00 BP 15.75 A new understanding of system in the molecular biology — •Norbert Sadler
14:00 BP 15.76 Non-equilibrium dynamics in marginally stable biological networks — •Federico Gnesotto and Chase Broedersz
14:00 BP 15.77 Population dynamics of bacterial persistence in spatially heterogeneous environments — •Pintu Patra and Stefan Klumpp
14:00 BP 15.78 Diffusion of nanoparticles perpendicular to hard walls and cell membranes — •Katharina Gräßel and Stephan Gekle
14:00 BP 15.79 Non-equilibrium scaling behavior in driven soft biological networks — •Grzegorz Gradziuk, Federica Mura, and Chase Broedersz
14:00 BP 15.80 Modelling the motility of Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes inside infected lymph nodes — •Zeinab Sadjadi, Michael Meyer- Hermann, and Stephan Halle
14:00 BP 15.81 Trapping in and escape from branched structures of neuronal dendrites — •Robin Jose, Ludger Santen, and M. Reza Shaebani
14:00 BP 15.82 Can one hear the length of an axon? — •Frederic Folz, Lukas Wettmann, Giovanna Morigi, and Karsten Kruse
14:00 BP 15.83 Statistical Mechanics of the Bacterial Chromosome — •Jacqueline Janssen, Joris Messelink, and Chase Broedersz
14:00 BP 15.84 Generalized exponential models for mean population growth on a set of stochastic substrates — •Andrey Khalin, Eugene Postnikov, and Alexey Ryabov
14:00 BP 15.85 Wobbling dynamics of E. coli cells in bulk and at walls — •Mahdiyeh Mousavi, Thomas Eisenstecken, Gerhard Gompper, and Roland G. Winkler
14:00 BP 15.86 From solitary swimmers to swarms and back: trypanosomes on their journey through the tsetse fly — •Timothy Krüger, Sarah Schuster, Philip Kollmannsberger, and Markus Engstler
14:00 BP 15.87 Simultaneous cell tracking and visualization of flagellar dynamics of Pseudomonas putida — •Zahra Alirezaei-zanjani, Veronika Waljor, Marius Hintsche, and Carsten Beta
14:00 BP 15.88 A bacterial swimmer with a polar bundle of flagella that can push, pull, and wrap around the cell body — •Marius Hintsche, Veronika Waljor, Robert Großmann, Marco Kühn, Kai Thormann, Fernando Peruani, and Carsten Beta
14:00 BP 15.89 Layer-by-layer assembled micro-motors for controlled drug releaseTao Huang, Larysa Baraban, and •Gianaurelio Cuniberti
14:00 BP 15.90 How molecular motors generate the ciliary beat — •Veikko F. Geyer., Pablo Sartori, Frank Jülicher, and Jonathon Howard
14:00 BP 15.91 Flow fields and motions of droplets driven by active filament-bound point forces — •Leon Rückert and Reiner Kree
14:00 BP 15.92 Surface-Near Electrostatic Forces in Si-Chips guiding Self-Organisation of Polyelectric- and Biomaterials — •Daniela Täuber, Susanne Pahlow, Karina Weber, Martin Müller, Ilona Skorupa, and Heidemarie Schmidt
14:00 BP 15.93 Computational modeling of active membranes in flows — •Christian Bächer and Stephan Gekle
14:00 BP 15.94 Creating Sensorial Delay to Simulate Phototaxis Using Thermophoresis Applied to Gold-coated Microswimmers — •Alexander Fischer, Giovanni Volpe, and Frank Cichos
14:00 BP 15.95 Light-Induced Adsorption of Photoactive Microalgae on Interfaces — •Alexandros Fragkopoulos, Christian Kreis, and Oliver Bäumchen
14:00 BP 15.96 Probing the non-equilibrium dynamics of the centrosomes in early Drosophila melanogaster embryos using fluorescent carbon nanotubes — •Constantin D. C. Kohl, Zhiyi Lv, Jörg Großhans, and Christoph F. Schmidt
14:00 BP 15.97 Collective Behaviour of Microalgae Beyond Phototaxis — •Johannes Frey, Alexandros Fragkopoulos, and Oliver Bäumchen
14:00 BP 15.98 MT-bundling activity of the MKLp2 kinesin — •Amna Abdalla Mohammed Khalid, I-Mei Yu, Anne Houdusse, and Christoph F. Schmidt
14:00 BP 15.99 Flocking without velocity-alignment — •Fernando Peruani and Lucas Barberis
14:00 BP 15.100 RNA structure prediction using evolutionary constraints — •Mehari Bayou Zerihun and Alexander Schug
14:00 BP 15.101 Comparison of Coevolutionary Protein Structure Prediction Methods — •Lars Franke and Alexander Schug
14:00 BP 15.102 Adhesion enhances bacterial diffusivity close to surfaces. — •Emiliano Perez Ipiña, Stefan Otte, Rodolphe Pontier-Bres, Dorota Czerucka, and Fernando Peruani
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